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Updated 11/2018

Hello and welcome!  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I don’t know about you, but when I visit a blog, I love reading the “About Me” or ” About Us” page.  I love learning more about the people or family behind the blog.  This allows me a little glimpse into their life, their blog and what they write about.  I hope you enjoy reading my About Me:

I am a recently separated/single mom to a tween with Autism, doing it all on my own. My son and I reside in my childhood home in Northern California and I am so thrilled that my son is attending the very same middle school I attended.

Across from middle school

In addition to beauty, I enjoy fitness, health, wellness, aromatherapy, essential oils, reading, travel, houseplants, blogging, and Netflix.  I am a vegetarian, frugal, and a green cleaning mom.

Across from high school

I started dating in early 2018. Let me just say, after being in a long-term relationship/marriage for over 16 years, dating was a new territory for me! It’s been quite an adventure and learning experience for me. The dating world has changed so much. At first, I had no idea what was I looking for. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I had to learn to be more open. Everything is different and I had to learn to adapt!


  1. I loved Rainbow Brite as a kid too. You blog is nice and clean! 🙂

  2. joann tompkins winborn says:

    nice to know you! love tht you support autism awareness, God bless you and yours

  3. Teresa McCluskey says:

    I loved reading about you and your family 😀

  4. Sounds like we have traveled to similar areas. I lived in LA, Las Vegas, Orlando and now Miami. lol

  5. You have a lovely lil Family! You all look so Happy!! You are sure a busy Lady. Your are an excellent blogger. I enjoy your site very much! Your giveaways are great and so far I have encountered no bad Links! :0)~~I love hearing about you and your family. I think all Bloggers should share that with their readers..Have a Wonderful 2014…Thanks for Sharing! :0)

  6. Dana McCurdy says:

    Nice to meet you. I love the autism. I am more than excited to do reviews for you if you want me too. I seen wen I would like to try that have heard great things about it. Nice to meet you and hope I get to know you better.

  7. Thank you for this blog. Us parents of Autistic children need each other<3

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