Personalize Your Home With 3 Easy Changes

It’s been almost a year since my son and I moved into our own home. While I love being a homeowner and I am aware of all the advantages of owning a home, I am not thrilled about the added expenses as opposed to being a renter. As a single mom and homeowner, I am making our new house feel like home by personalizing it with what we like and what makes us happy. I surround us with positive art and pictures. Whether you’re a new homeowner or just looking to redecorate, we are excited to share how to personalize your home with 3 easy changes. 

Personalize Your Home With 3 Easy Changes
Beauty Brite Disclosure

When I first moved in to my home, one of the first purchases I made was a welcome mat. I chose a beautiful and simple mat! It was more of a symbol of our safety and freedom! Our home was a new start for my son and myself! 

Whether you are a new homeowner, just moved, or need to update my welcome mat, I am so excited to share that Carpet One Floor & Home designs a collection of Welcome Mats where they donate 25% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.  While the collection appeared in October, they are available year round! The welcome mats make a great gift for the holiday season and beyond! 

Personalize your entryway

Carpet One Pet Home welcome mat

As you can see, I chose the Carpet One Pet Home welcome mat! I love the little paw print. At the time, I was a Foster Dog Mom. We opened our home to a foster dog and it became too much for me. After the experience, it made me realize how much I need to focus on my son and make him the priority. I am also making other positive changes and very excited! 

The welcome mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. I love our welcome mat! Since I already have one outside on our porch, I have the Carpet One Pet Home welcome mat on the inside at our door! I know it’s unconventional but I love seeing our welcome mat in our entryway! It just makes our entrance more welcoming and I feel like it gives everyone a warm goodbye hug when they leave! 

I also appreciate that our welcome mat is machine washable. I like keeping our home clean and being able to wash our mat is a huge bonus!

Personalize your outlook

Mantra Medallions I Am Love

I didn’t think I needed the Mantra Medallions in my life until I realized I need positive reminders to keep nearby! The Mantra Medallions are fun and compact reminders you can use to inspire love, healing, and peace. I find myself overwhelmed and stressed with daily life. I received I Am Love and Be Here Now medallions. 

Mantra Medallions Be Here Now

As you can see, they are meaningful and unique. You can easily keep them at your desk, bedside, pocket, purse, or tote bag. There are times when I take them with me when I am out and about. 

Personalize with a message

All Girls Are Princesses Pillow Blanket

A fun way to personalize your bed is to add a beautiful blanket and matching throw pillow. Although this pair can also be used on the couch or chair! When the weather is cold, I like to bundle up in a blanket. 

The All Girls Are Princesses throw pillow and fleece blanket are cute! Be sure to shop their Princess Store on Teespring store for more chic products!

The fleece blanket is a lightweight blanket that is perfect to use to curl up on the couch or chair. I personally keep it on my bed.

I love pillows. I recently added several pillows to our beds. I wanted plenty of pillows to prop myself up against when watching television or reading in bed. I love the throw pillow and it adds a touch of color to my bed! 

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Stephanie is a single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a new homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.


  1. This is so pretty! Love the colors of the bedspread! The fleece blanket link doesn’t work, just to let you know

  2. Brittany Raisor says

    I can’t tell you how much I love this post. Cute little things that make us love the space we live in are so important. The welcome mat is adorable, I could use positive reminders also, and all girls are princesses!

  3. Christina Gould says

    I love the bedspread. It’s a nice positive message to look at every day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dana Rodriguez says

    That bedspread is really pretty. Any girl would love that!

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