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Lux Skin Care That Will Have You Swooning

We all need a little luxury in our lives, especially when it comes to our skin care. We do not need to be royalty or a super star to experience it, but there are little things you can add to your self care routine that can make you look and feel like a million bucks. ... [read more]

Week 6 #CampWarnerBros -Alex & Me Goal Chart and Family Workout

During this weird time, it's hard to keep on track and set goals, but we try to do it every day. My daughter being out of school and unable to hang out with friends; we try to take the time to get out and workout. Working out is not my favorite thing to do, but I will do it for my daughter! The movie this week is Alex & Me. Week 6- Alex & Me Movie This week's Camp Warner Bros movie Alex & Me taught my daughter that DEDICATION to something would take you a long way. Alex Morgan ... [read more]

Happy Dog Happy Life!

My Harley is everything to me; he is family! I treat him like he is one of my kids; he follows me around just like them.  I couldn’t see life without my Harley.  He makes me happy, and I want to make him happy.  Here are some easy ways to have a happy dog!  Our Harley has been with us 3 years- we love him! Weight Control Food is super important- don’t give dogs cheap filler food and be careful with human food.  Do your research!  One thing I was very ... [read more]

Is CBD Skin Care Right For You?

CBD in skin care is booming! With so many incredible claims & benefits that CBD can offer to your beauty routine, it's no wonder people are singing it's praise! ... [read more]


3 Ways To Upgrade Kitchen Essentials

I am always looking for ways to go greener and upgrade my kitchen essentials. Being stuck home, I am still trying to stay active. My son and I have made a new routine with our new normal. I keep it simple and fun for us! Here are 3 ways to upgrade kitchen essentials!  When we… [read more]

Instant Pot Blackberry Bundt Cake

I am so thankful I bought my Instant Pot last year! It was on sale and I couldn’t resist! I am amazed at how quickly I can cook many foods in just minutes. We recently made an Instant Pot Blackberry Bundt Cake and so excited to share! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Since being… [read more]

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Hot Face Products In Time For Summer

Its’s summer and the heat is definitely here! With the heat comes changes in your skin especially your face. I know I for one, am always looking for new face products in the summer to help counteract the summer humidity and sweat.

Swap Out Your Face & Body Creams For CBD Beauty Oils

Why CBD beauty oils? There is so much wellness packed into these oils that the question should really be why not?! CBD beauty oils are not only therapeutic for your body, but also your mind.

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4 Ways To Look Stylish And Get Your Fitness On In The Park

Ever since we’ve been on a stay at home order, I see more and more people walking around the park! In the past, I’ve always gone for a walk throughout the week. It was so nice to enjoy the fresh air and get exercise at the same time. We share 4 ways to look stylish… [read more]

Lorex Security Cameras Help Feel Secure at Home

Ever had a package stolen from your porch but not been able to prove it? I have. After several packages going missing from my front porch, I decided it was time to get a security camera. I’ll admit, I know very little about this stuff so when Lorex asked me to try their Smart Outdoor… [read more]

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Virtual #CampWarnerBros Week 4 – Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery

READY TO WATCH – everyone’s favorite mystery-solving gang joins forces with WWE® in the action-packed animated movie – Scooby-Doo!: WrestleMania Mystery!

Heighten Your Senses With Essential Oils

3 D.I.Y Essential Oil Printable Recipes Included Essential oils have become a staple in almost every home. Whether you use them for homeopathic remedies, natural cleaners or simply just to refresh the scent of your home; they are easy to use and best of all, natural! With the abundance of essential oils on today’s market,… [read more]

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3 Ways To Pull Off A Quarantine Summer Vibe

The Coronavirus hit our school district, which caused our school district to close in early March! Since then, we’ve been trying to stay healthy and also maintain somewhat of a schedule. Since it’s summer, we’ve been a bit lenient on any type of schedule. Since we are stuck at home, we share 3 ways to… [read more]

3 Ways To Stay Motivated Even In Quarantine

Being stuck at home for months can be stressful. I like to keep a routine and I was able to create one that worked for our lifestyle. I started adding a walk in every weekday morning. There are days we do skip due to the weather being too hot or we have too much going… [read more]

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Keeping Your Little One’s Busy In Quarantine

I don’t think I ever expected for the situation with the pandemic to ever exist, (of course I guess one never does.) Now comes the question, with four little children under the age of eight, how are you keeping your little one’s busy in quarantine? Keep reading to find out so fun ways we are… [read more]

A Fun New Easter Tradition

When Easter comes around, my kids love 2 things; Easter egg hunts & decorating eggs. A day before Easter, I pull out all the egg decorating kits, cover my kitchen table with newspaper, and my kids get decorating. As a family we have so much fun. As a momma who is forever cleaning, I can… [read more]

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Is CBD Skin Care Right For You?

CBD in skin care is booming! With so many incredible claims & benefits that CBD can offer to your beauty routine, it’s no wonder people are singing it’s praise!

Puzzling With Puzzles To Strengthen Your Mind

Puzzles are one of my favorite past times as a kid. It was always a sense of accomplishment when I finally managed to complete one. Puzzles, as we know, are great for younger kids. It helps with their fine motor skills (including the important pincer grasp) and cognitive skills. But what about adults?

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Boost Your Fitness With Resistance

Back in February, I saw an ad on Facebook for a squat machine. Right away it caught my eye because it looked silly, but when I took a closer look, I realized I could really use it in my home! I bought it on a whim within 20 minutes of seeing the ad. I opted… [read more]

Workout, Replenish, Repeat!

It is safe to say that I am the queen of yo-yo dieting & failing to stick to a workout routine. I have tried all the fad diets and weight loss pills with minimal success and no real long lasting results. Now that 40 is right around the corner, and I dont have the greatest… [read more]

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The Ultimate Organization Tool For Travel Or Around The House

Packbands are the ultimate organization tool! I frequently travel for work and one of the biggest issues I have is organizing things so that I can squish everything I need into a small carry-on bag. Well Packbands has you covered!

Three Fun Ways to Build Self Esteem

In a bit of a rut? Want to build more confidence and improve your skills? The Coronavirus isn’t helping those with mental health issues. Today, we share three fun ways to build self esteem! These are fun ways to go about it! Travel- especially solo travel Travel is always a good use of your time… [read more]

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