2 Handy Items Homeowners Could Use

I love being a homeowner. I never thought I would be a single mom and be a homeowner. I’ve always wanted to have a home and set roots down. My son and I have been in our home for over a year and we love it! We found 2 handy items homeowners could use!

2 Handy Items Homeowners Could Use
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I love our little home. I remember the first time I saw it in person, it wasn’t until after the seller accepted my offer! By then, he had already moved out! I saw my home for the first time during our inspection!

I remember being amazed at the open space and open floor plan. The high ceilings were a shock as I didn’t expect it! We have 9 foot ceilings, which means our cupboards and such are very high off the ground. Our closets are very high too!

I am having so much fun decorating and organizing our home as I want! It’s ours! 

My son and I are not tall. I was looking to get a step stool, however, being a single mom and on a budget, I was waiting for one to go on sale!

Reach up high

Sitting on Handy Home Step Stool

Luckily, I was sent the 2 pack of Handy Home Step Stools in Grey! I wanted grey because they are neutral and blend in! When they arrived, I was surprised at how big they are! I honestly thought they would be much smaller! 

You can also purchase one Handy Home Step Stool! I chose to get 2 so I can keep one near the kitchen and use the other one in the bedrooms. I wanted the option to use them all over the home! 

Give yourself a boost

Standing on Handy Home Step Stool

As you can see, I had my son demonstrate how easy the step stool is to use. He loved helping me setting up the step stools on our porch.  

2 pack of Handy Home Step Stools in Grey

I’ve used our handy step stools in the kitchen a few times. I will show my son how he can safely use them too. I just don’t want him to play on them and then end up getting hurt. 

I’ve been meaning to organize our kitchen cupboards and now I can easily reach the higher shelves! Also, my closets have a high shelf near, now I can use the step stools! So convenient! 

Have a seat

2 pack of Handy Home 3 Level Seats in Grey

When I saw the Handy Home 3 Level Seats, I knew we could use them! First, I may not have my own yard and outdoor garden, I do have houseplants! The Handy Home 3 Level Seats can be used when repotting my houseplants. I used to sit on the floor and repot, but now I can sit on one seat and use the other as a tabletop! 

Sitting on Handy Home 3 Level Seat

The 2 pack of Handy Home 3 Level Seats in Grey caught my eye because I could also see my son and myself using them at the bus stop! Many times, we are out there for 20 minutes or more. My son can’t wait to get to the bus stop every morning! 

You can also purchase one Handy Home 3 Level Seat

There are times when I’ve had to wait over 30 minutes for my son’s bus in the afternoon. His afternoon bus can be unpredictable. He’s been dropped off as late as 5pm! Now that I have the Handy Home 3 Level Seats, I can comfortably sit at the bus stop!

Both the Handy Home Step Stools and Handy Home 3 Level Seats are very lightweight that even my son can carry them both! He loves helping me around the home, so these will come in handy whether I need to use them or he does. I love that he is very independent and I step in to help when needed. 

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Stephanie is a single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a new homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.


  1. Both products are really neat. The step stool would really come in handy in the kitchen.

  2. Cheryl Wilson says

    These could be helpful. I wouldnt put much on them as if I need to use them I would have to clear them off

  3. MistressLiliana says

    I could use these

  4. These look durable .

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    These items would definitely come in handy.

  6. Alicia Hewitt says

    What a great idea!

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