Ultimate Kit for Style on the Go

Ultimate Kit for Style on the Go
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I always feel like I am on the go. Even though we rarely go anywhere, I am always running around doing things around at home. I am either doing laundry, vacuuming, trying to compose a blog post, editing posts, editing pictures, checking emails, or trying to relax and catch up on my favorite shows. I am always busy. I try to turn off the computer by noon or early evening to give myself a break.

We are a family that loves to travel. When we travel, it is usually last minute and that means I have to gather all of our things to pack. Thankfully, I had the Travel Kit already packed and ready to go in its own carrying case.

The Travel Kit may be small but the products are high-quality and full-size products that really pack a punch. Don’t let the size fool you!

Travel Kit beautybrite

The kit comes in a nice carrying case that makes travel easy. I was able to put the case in the back of our minivan without worrying about twisted cords or missing pieces. Everything fits in the carrying case.

The Travel Kit includes a hair dryer, hair straightener and curling wand. When we went on our little trip out of town, I used the hair dryer to dry my hair quickly and easily. I also used the hair straightener to curl my hair. I use the straightener to curl the ends of my hair. It also helps smooth my hair and keep it tame and shine!

I usually pack a lot of beauty products and such, which is why I love having plenty of travel accessories to choose from. Now that I have my Travel Kit, I am excited that I have my hair needs covered while away from home.

I think the Travel Kit is unique as I have never had anything like this! I always have my makeup and cosmetic bags to carry my beauty products. Now, I am set with my Travel Kit that carries everything in one place.

Be sure to get your own Travel Kit!


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  1. Finally someone came up with this! It makes so much more sense for it to all be together and ready to go for your trip!

  2. This is seriously genius! I hate having to pack my full size hair dryer & straightener when we travel. It’s so big & bulky, plus it’s one more thing for me to have to gather together to pack. I love that you can just grab the case, toss it in, and be ready to go!


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