Add a Dash of Glamour to Your Travel Accessories

Add a Dash of Glamour to Your Travel Accessories

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Even though summer is over, travel is always on my mind. My family and I love traveling by car. It is easier for our family because our son has special needs. When we travel by car, we can stop when we need to.

Even though we love to travel, I love to travel in a bit of style. I don’t have the latest fashion trends but I do love adding color when I can.

I love makeup and all of my beauty essentials and tools. I have a lot of cute bags to carry my makeup in.

Add a Dash of Glamour beautybrite

Have you seen the newest line from London SOHO New York beauty bags? They are must-have items to add a dash of glamour to your suitcase. Keep the bright colors of summer by your side regardless of the season.

I received the pool party triple zip purse kit and the love fest round top. Both are adorable and stylish. They add a beautiful splash of color when I use them.

The pool party triple zip purse kit has 3 zippered pockets that help things separated and easier to find. You can easily store cash, credit cards, lip gloss and more.

The love fest round top is a cute bag to hold your makeup for touch ups and any cash, credit cards and keys for on the go.

London SOHO New York beauty bags beautybrite

I can use them to carry my makeup in my bag when we are out and about or on our way out of town.

When I use smaller beauty bags, they help me keep things organized when on the go.

The bags are cute enough to use as a small purse when I only want to carry a few things.  Otherwise, I can also use them to keep my makeup in one place in my handbag or tote bag.  Either way, the bags are adorable and will come in handy.

Keep your supplies organized and look stylish with London SOHO New York beauty bags!


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