Our Night Away From Home

Our Night Away From Home

This past weekend, my husband has two days off in a row. He rarely gets two days off because they are so short staffed, so he covers whenever and wherever they need him.

My husband had Friday and Saturday off. On a whim, we decided to stay at a hotel and casino. My husband likes to gamble. Plus, our little trip gets us out of the house! Since it was last minute, I quickly packed our bags while my husband made the hotel arrangents online.

I usually pack our son’s clothing as well as my own. I pack my beauty and makeup supplies and our bathroom essentials, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. My husband packs his own clothes and any other bathroom essentials he needs. We usually double check what we pack to make sure we do not forget anything.

We left after 5pm and stopped to get food at McDonald’s. Our son ate the french fries, my husband ate the hamburgers and we both enjoyed Chocolate Chip Frappes. I brought sliced apples to eat on the road. We were officially on the road towards our destination around 5:20pm.

We live about 3 hours from an Indian Reservation. We usually stay at Harrah’s or Fairfield Inn & Suites.  Fairfield Inn & Suites is across the street from the Harrah’s casino. This time, we stayed at Harrah’s because our room stay was comped.

I prefer to stay at Fairfield Inn & Suites because they offer free WiFi while Harrah’s does not. Since our room was free, we did not mind paying for WiFi.

Harrah's Bathtub & Shower beautybrite

My son and I had fun hanging out in the hotel room. I started to get hungry around 10pm. There really isn’t restaurants close enough to walk to, so I looked on their website for their restaurants within the hotel.

This hotel used to have a Paula Deen restaurant and gift shop. They have sinced changed it to a new restaurant! They also used to have their own brand for a coffee shop, which has since changed to a Starbucks!

As I searched for food within the hotel on their website, I was reminded that they have a food court. We met up with my husband and ended up getting pizza and a few snacks from the food court and brought it back to our room to enjoy.

Harrah's Bathroom Mirror beautybrite

Overall, it was really nice to get out of town! I love the huge mirrors and the vanity mirror they have in the bathroom. I want one for our bathroom!


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  1. How neat that you were able to get away for awhile. I’m not good at doing things last minute, so I’m impressed with how well you guys pulled it off.

  2. Awesome, I love when you are just able to get away and relax.


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