Warm Up In Style

Warm Up In Style with Verve Coffee and Flag & Anthem

Warm Up In Style

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I love the changing of the seasons because it means wearing different styles and usually having to buy new pieces of clothing for myself and my son. I love wearing my boots and even trying different styles, such as long sleeves, flannels, and hoodies. As a mom, I like the simple and relaxed look as much as possible.

This is our second winter in California after many years of living out of state. This winter hasn’t been too bad as I was used to living in other states. We are doing our best to stay healthy and warm in our new home.

Winter is in full swing! Are you ready to warm up in style with cute tops and delicious coffee?

I am a huge fan of coffee. One of the first things I unpacked was my own Keurig that I kept in a box for over a year. I was waiting for the time when I finally got my own place! My Keurig proudly sits on my countertop and I have all my coffee, sweetener, and other accessories I need to make my coffee.

After having breakfast and applying my makeup, I like to sit down to relax and get started with my work day. I check my emails and double check everything I need to do for the day. During this time, my son is getting ready for school on his own. We both have our routines and he likes to get dressed and ready on his own.

I make my coffee and sit down to relax and prepare for the day. Verve Coffee was kind enough to send me a few of their best sellers including, Streetlevel coffee and a Verve Diner Mug! Unfortunately, I was sent whole beans and I don’t have a coffee grinder, so I haven’t had a chance to try the coffee.

As a huge fan of mugs, I love my Verve Diner Mug! It is high quality and I love using it to drink my coffee from.

Warm up in style with Verve Coffee! So many coffee varieties to choose from!

Luana Women's Shirt from Flag & Anthem

When it comes to shopping online for clothes, I do my best to go by the size chart, the reviews, and my instincts. When I was offered the chance to try a few styles from Flag & Anthem, I knew I couldn’t pass it up!

Luana Women's Shirt from Flag & Anthem

Since Winter is here, I like to wear flannel tops along with a cute puffer vest from Old Navy. I found the Luana and Waverly shirts from Flag & Anthem and went solely on the size chart. When I was looking at the size chart, I had a feeling I should go with the usual size that I wear at Old Navy. However, I chose based on the size chart and when they arrived, the flannel tops were in fact too small. Instead, I can still wear them without buttoning them and wear a nice tank top underneath!

I highly recommend choosing your regular sizes! Regardless, I love both flannel tops and will continue to wear them! I can easily wear them all year long because they are lightweight and can be worn with a tee underneath too!

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Finding cute clothes at Flag & Anthem is easy! Warm up in style with new clothes and great coffee from Verve Coffee!


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