Start Your Day With Coffee And Treats

Start your day with coffee and treats from Emmy’s Organics and Vega Coffee

Start Your Day With Coffee And Treats

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I do my best to buy organic and non-GMO food and beverages. Every once in a while, something slips through. I forget to read the labels and I end up buying GMO foods, usually from the big brand products! I am disappointed that big companies haven’t made the switch for healthier alternatives.

I am so thrilled to share a few brands that are organic, made in small batches, and have a strong passion for social and environmental impact.

It’s time to start your day with coffee and treats!

How do you start your day? For me, I love to start with cereal and ice cold fruit infused water to help wake me up! After breakfast, it’s time to get ready for the day by putting on my makeup and then starting up my laptop for the day. Before getting settled to start working, I brew my cup of coffee!

Vega Coffee Medium Roast

A great cup of coffee starts with quality beans! That’s where Vega Coffee comes in. I prefer Medium roast! I use my Keurig and my reusable K-Cup and add my coffee to the brewer. My coffee is ready in just minutes!

What makes Vega Coffee so special?

  • 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • Single-origin, from small-farms and cooperatives
  • Organic & Fair Trade Certified
  • Specialty grade
  • High-altitude and shade grown
  • Cultivated in a manner that respects the earth
  • Agro-chemical & GMO free

I also enjoy my Vega Coffee Medium Roast with flavored creamer and Agave Nectar. Coffee gives me that extra boost of energy, which I need in the morning. Medium Roast coffee is the perfect roast for me. What roast do you prefer?

What do you pair with your coffee? A muffin, cookie, or other baked good?

Start your day with coffee and treats with two brands worth trying!

Emmy’s Organics Cookies

I normally enjoy my coffee as I start my workday. During this time, my son is already dressed and ready for school. He likes to watch his morning cartoons and I use this quiet time to get started with my day. Coffee is just a treat!

Emmy’s Organics are great paired with my morning cup! I received Emmy’s Organics Pumpkin Spice and Emmy’s Organics Double Chocolate Mint cookies to try! Both have their unique taste and are perfect to enjoy any time of day! The cookies are pretty filling, so you only need one maybe two cookies as a quick snack! I like having a cookie in the afternoon when I need a small and delicious snack!

Both Vega Coffee and Emmy’s Organics make the perfect pair! Enjoy together or separately, that’s your choice! But for a kick of healthy goodness, you have two brands that care about their products and how they are made.

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Start your day with coffee and treats! How do you enjoy your coffee? What cookies do you want to try?

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