3 Ways To Boost Your Wellness

3 Ways To Boost Your Wellness

3 Ways To Boost Your Wellness

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Are you looking for easy ways to boost your wellness? Sometimes I get wrapped up in my busy and always on-the-go daily life that I remind myself to slow down and just breathe. I always remind myself to not take life too seriously and stay positive and upbeat.

We found three products that will motivate you to stay on the right path of wellness! As a single mom, I am always trying to improve my own outlook. I know I have the stressful moments and even the bad and overwhelming days. My life is far from perfect.

It’s time to introduce you to 3 ways to boost your wellness!

Pressa Bottles

Fresh & Delicious Fruit Infused Water

I’ve been trying all sorts of ways to drink more water. Drinking plain water is a bit boring for me, I need the flavor. I’ve tried buying flavored powders to add to my water but I wanted a more natural approach. When I had the chance to try the Pressa Bottle, I knew this would encourage me to drink more water throughout the day!

Pressa Bottle parts

The Pressa Bottle comes in 3 separate parts, which includes the main bottle, the inner tube that holds your fruit and any other goodies you decide to add, and the lid!

Pressa Bottle Water Line

First, it is super easy and so delicious drinking fruit infused water. Since I buy my fruit in bulk, this is a great way to drink more water! I must say, I am so glad I have two Pressa Bottles because I have one bottle infusing the fruit while I enjoy the other bottle of fresh and delicious water! I highly recommend buying at least two Pressa Bottles, otherwise, if you plan on sharing, buy more bottles for sure!

Since I’ve had the Pressa Bottle, I find myself drinking at least 2 or 3 bottles worth of water! I’ve been trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day. With the Pressa Bottle, I can easily meet over half that amount before noon! When I drink fruit infused water from my Pressa Bottle, I literally down the water so fast! Is that bad? I admit I’m addicted!

Plexus Meal Replacement and Slim Hunger Control

Restart Your Health

As a long-time vegetarian, I am always looking to supplement my diet with vitamins and nutrients that my body craves. As a single mom, my health is important now than ever. I have to take care of myself for my son. He and I only have each other. I find it difficult to find healthy, affordable, and well-rounded meal replacement options that actually taste good.

I was introduced to Plexus by a fellow blogger (she’s an ambassador). When I told her that I am going to try Plexus Lean Vegetarian Meal Replacement, she offered suggestions on how I can make my shake! I am so thrilled to find a vegetarian-friendly option.

Plexus Lean Vegetarian Meal Replacement

The Plexus Lean Vegetarian Meal Replacement is Chocolate Mocha! This bag actually encouraged me to pull out my blender. I mix about 8 oz of almond milk, a handful of frozen berries (blueberries and strawberries), a scoop of Plexus Lean Vegetarian Meal Replacement and blend!

Plexus Slim Hunger Control 7 Day Trial Pack

As a bonus, I was also sent Plexus Slim Hunger Control 7 Day Trial Pack! I previously bought this product from my blogger friend. I do have to say that it really helped me drink more water throughout the day. It did help a bit to suppress my appetite here and there.

Plexus products help you focus on your health and make you more aware of what you are eating.

It is easy to boost your wellness with just a few changes!

Zafu Meditation Cushions

Slow Down. Calm your nerves. Take time for yourself.

I’ve been a long time fan of pilates. For the longest time, I avoided even trying yoga because it seemed like “everyone” was doing it. However, after reading a book about yoga and how it benefits the body and mind, I knew I had to give it a try.

I attempted meditation a few times but could never sit still long enough, nor could I relax my thoughts long enough. I can only do a few minutes or moments of meditation here and there. I was introduced to the Zafu Meditation Cushion and happily chose one in Celestial Pink and another in Plum.

Zafu Meditation Cushion in Celestial Pink

Since they are handmade, there may be slight differences, which I am fine with. One of my cushions is harder and sturdier while the other is a bit softer. I also love the handle on the side, which makes it easier to pick up with just one hand.

I find myself using one of the cushions to support my back when I am sitting in bed, usually working on my laptop.

Zafu Meditation Cushion in Plum

I also like to incorporate the Zafu Meditation Cushions in my yoga. They allow me to center my body and focus on clearing the negative in my mind. Just sitting still and focusing on my breathing and posture help me focus.

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If you are searching for ways to boost your wellness, it only takes small changes. Even if you are on a budget like me, take a small step towards focusing on yourself.


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