Fall Fashion for Your Little One

 Fall Fashion for Your Little One

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As fall and winter draw near, it’s time to put away those summer clothes and drag out the heavier, sturdier stuff. That doesn’t mean that your little ones can’t still be fashionable and find their own style. As a parent, you always look for clothes that will keep them taken care of no matter what type of weather. Here at Beauty Brite, we have found some great choices to keep your little one looking and feeling great.

Mooshu Trainers

First, let’s talk about shoes! I’m always looking for shoes that are not only comfy but will fit almost any outfit. Well, I finally found a great brand that gives my kids everything they need in a pair of shoes. Mooshu TRAINERS are here with some really great options no matter what style you need.  Mooshu TRAINERS are designed to help your little ones with learning how to walk and keeping their gait and stride perfectly aligned. Each pair of shoe’s come with an adorable squeaker in the heel to make walking, jumping, and playing all the more fun. ( All boxes also come with a Non-squeaker that can be put in place of the squeaker ) Sizes start at 3 and go to a 9 in little boys and 10 in little girls.

Harlow Ultrasuede MaryJanes

Sawyer Boat Shoes

Mooshu In Action

My three-year-old just received a pair of the Pink Harlow Ultrasuede Mary Janes. They are seriously cute and super stylish. These shoes are really soft and she loves the butterfly clip on the front. She calls them her princess shoes.  My son received a pair of the Sawyer Boat Shoes. Finding shoes for him is always a challenge because well he’s two and hates wearing shoes, but his face lights up with joy every time he puts these on and runs around. He loves the squeakers inside! The sole is rubber and very durable and can keep up with his climbing and jumping on everything. I would definitely recommend MooShu Trainers for any growing kiddo, from just starting to walk to your growing runner, a must have in any collection.

Kids Hale Boots

Kids Hale Pattern Boots

Next, what is something that always follows the cooler season? Snow, mud, and rain, well MUCK Boots has a great product for your outdoor-loving little one. We live out in the country on a dirt road so we have mud to spare and I’m always looking for ways to make sure the mud and grime stay outside. Introducing the new Muck Kids Hale Boot. These boots have a self-cleaning outsole, which keeps your kid’s feet safe and dry no matter the element. From solid patterns to some of their favorite cartoon characters (My Little Pony to Transformers), there is something one everyone.

Pink Maya Sweatshirt

Let’s move on to a beautiful sweater for your little princess’. Little Dancer has you covered with the lovely Maya Sweatshirt.  My two oldest are almost six and three and love to dress up and be “princesses” as they say. As soon as they laid eyes on this beautiful sweatshirt they said it was their princess dresses. This super soft sweatshirt can be paired with leggings, worn as is, or even add a tutu for that extra little bit of flair. With two front pockets and an adorable little bag of petals and trinkets to make your beautiful girl feel all that more special. The soft fabric leaves your little ones warm and protected from the elements.

Gray Maya SweatShirt

Little Dancer was created for all your little ones dance and activewear needs. From Tutu’s to headbands and everything in between, that have your tiny dancers needs covered. Made in the USA, 10% of the proceeds go to GRoW @ the walls charity organization.

I hope all these options have helped with your fall and winter fashion needs. What was your favorite product? Need more information? Here’s more information to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before. Great shoes that fit perfect are a must have for kids growing feet.

  2. I love these Mooshu trainers shoes! They’re so adorable! All kids should have a good pair of muck boots, and these Muck Kids Hale Boot really look great and very functional!

  3. Oh my stars how cute. My nieces are obsessed with shoes. They would flip over these. i must get they some.

  4. We love Muck Boots. We bought some a couple of years ago and there’s no turning back. The Mooshu trainers are adorable.

  5. I’ve never heard of this brand but they are so cute!! I love buying my kids cute durable shoes that aren’t too cheap or pricey since they grow so quickly. I will check this brand out!

  6. those pink shoes are crazy cute! I know my little girl would love them. will have to check it out, maybe for christmas too

  7. have never heard of this brand but it looks great! My little heathens have been needing some new shoes so I will have to give these a try!

  8. kimmieklewis says

    super cute shoes! I have never heard of this brand. I will be checking this out!

  9. I love shopping for my youngest because there are so many adorable clothing options! I think these are all lovely and the shoes are just so cute!

  10. I’ve never heard of this brand but it looks super cute and comfy. Definitely a cool brand for the kiddos

  11. Serena Lissy says

    Haven’t heard of this brand but it’s cute. Great for the kiddos and those boots are super cute 🙂

  12. I think I have seen these around. They look super cute. I am going to have to consider them next time i buy shoes for my kids.

  13. I have never heard of this brand but they have such cute shoes. I would love to purchase them for my little ones.

  14. The Oshkosh brand has so many cute clothing items. My kids have so many of their clothing items and they last!

  15. I need to pick up some of their clothes for my gbaby. I am loving the way that they look.

  16. Krystle Cook says

    These shoes look like they are so durable. I am loving the way that they look!

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