Fall Fashion for Your Little One Part 2

Fall Fashion for Your Little One Part 2Beauty Brite Disclosure

I’m so excited to be back with part two of must-have fall fashions for your little one. Today I have several awesome products to share with you! If you missed Fall Fashion for Your Little One part one, go see what we featured!

Pounce Chicken Kids T-Shirt

The first clothing line is brought to you by The Mountain. We received two different types of clothing to review from them. First was the Pounce Chicken Kids T-Shirt.  This shirt is super soft to the touch and the adorable kitten on the front brings a smile to anyone’s face. Who doesn’t love a ttie-dyeshirt? This tie dye is made from organic dyes and everything is hand-dyed. The shirt is made from 100% Cotton.  My three-year-old absolutely loves this cute kitty. A great choice for your kitty loving kiddo!

Russo Elephant Baby Onesie

Next, we received the beautifully colored Russo Elephant Baby Onesie.  I love the elephant on the front, the colors are stunning and the purple dye looks great on both girls and boys alike. My son is styling in his new onesie. It as well uses the organic dyes. They are water-based, non-toxic safe inks.

About the company: The Mountain started in 1972 by two friends who wanted to help create eco-friendly apparel and help the planet one piece of clothing at a time. By choosing water-based colors, inks, and dyes they are leaving the planet greener. Be sure to check out their website for more information. Stop by and visit on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Black Penguin Doodle Pants

Baseball Tee Style Infant Bodysuit

The next adorable clothing line is from ChunkaBuns. I’m in love with these amazing clothes. My son is two and loves running around and playing outside, these adorable Black Penguin Doodle Pants are the perfect fit for him, pair it with the Baseball Tee Style Infant Bodysuit and he’s ready to go.  Both these doodle pants and onesie are perfect for any lad or lass.

Chunka-bear Infant Tee

Plum Pudding Savvy Pants

The next outfit from ChunkaBuns goes to my sweet two-week-old little girl. The shirt ( Chunka-bear Infant Tee )  is seriously the softest shirt I’ve very felt, It’s made of 100 % cotton. Super comfy for my sweet little peanut, I can’t say enough good things about it. The Bottoms are the lovely Plum Pudding Savvy Pants.  The deep plum color is stunning and goes with everything. The most awesome things about these pants? They go from size 0-9 months. As a parent, I get so frustrated because I swear kids grow overnight, so the fact that she will be able to use these pants for so long makes me super excited. This baby outfit seriously gets all the heart eyes.

Marshmallow Fluffy Chunkasox

Our final product from ChunkaBuns is a pair of Marshmallow Fluffy Chunkasox. These socks are perfect for my five-year-old to wear to school with her uniform skirts. They keep her legs warm while providing that extra warm feel for the winter months. I think she looks adorable! Be sure to visit their social media sites FacebookInstagram, and their website for more information about these amazing clothes.

Hoping this helps you with choosing some amazing clothing for your little ones. What were your favorite products we shared today?



  1. These are all so cute, but I think the ChunkaBuns penguin pants are adorable! The Marshmallow socks look super comfy too.

  2. Those penguin pants are just too cute! And bless you for including an option for the uniform-bound kids out there…I was always trying to spice up my look with headbands and jackets, hoping they were in uniform code, LOL.

  3. These are all super cute. And your little model is adorable 🙂 Comfy clothes for the kiddos

  4. The Chunka Bear shirt is so cute. This is a brand that sells fashionable as well as durable clothing.

  5. The pink shirt with the kitty is the cutest.

  6. Kelly Kimmell says

    The graphic tees are adorable. These all look super cute.

  7. Aww, I adore the cute pink kitten shirt from The Mountain. Such a bright, happy color and design.

  8. The chunkabuns black and white set look great…really cute for little ones.

  9. the clothing is so cute, love the kitty and black and white striped leggings

  10. Penguin stuff is so adorable!

  11. Heather Meadows says

    Very cute.

  12. Bobbiejo m Patten says

    So adorable

  13. Sheila Ressel says

    Such cute clothes. I especially like the kitty shirt and penguin pants.

  14. It is hard to pick a favorite, I do like The Mountain. The organic dyes and eco-friendly and soft cottons. The Pounce Chicken Kids T-Shirt is adorable. I could see kids can’t wait to put their clothes on with these cute things. (altho they might not want to take them off, either then…..!)

  15. tat2gurlzrock says

    The clothing is adorable! I really love the Black Penguin Doodle Pants. That outfit would be cute on our grandson.

  16. Thank you for sharing. The ChunkaBuns are just so cute.

  17. klahane ridge says

    All the clothing is SO cute, & this post is giving me great ideas for gifts for my nephew!

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