Weight Loss Journey Week 2

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Weight Loss Journey Week 2

I am feeling great after week 2 of my journey. I was going to follow a Turbo Jam workout schedule but I decided to stick with 15-20 minute workouts. I want to build my endurance and stamina.

I am in no hurry to push my body into a vertigo episode or injury as I have experienced both. Vertigo and injury have both held me back from working out in the past.

So far, I have not lost any weight but I feel slimmer. I can tell I have less bulge around my tummy. I am still a work-in-progress but that is my push to keep going.

Turbo Jam is one of my favorite workout programs. I love the upbeat music and the instructor is so positive and encouraging.

My main motivation is being able to fit into my clothing. I have a few pairs of capri pants that are too tight, so I don’t wear them. I only have three pairs of capri pants that actually fit, so I have only been wearing those three all summer. I am scared to even try my jeans on. I really don’t want to buy new sizes in jeans. So, I want to lose weight!

I am using supplements to help with my appetite and energy. Before taking them, I found myself snacking throughout the day. I also found myself dragging around. Yes, I do drink coffee and that gives me a boost of energy for a few hours. My days are long, so my energy needs to last!

I hope to try my other workouts that are 30-45 minutes long in the coming weeks. For now, I am listening to my body. No more pushing myself because of a workout schedule. My health is not worth a set back.

I am staying motivated on my journey. I want to feel great when I look in the mirror. I have never followed a food program, diet or weight loss plan. I am limited with the food I buy as it has to be quick and easy to make.

I am sticking with Turbo Jam and hope to get in shape and get toned up! The workouts are fun and easy to follow. The workouts definitely do not feel like a workout because it is so much fun.

Feel free to follow along on my journey. Read Week 1 of my Weight Loss Journey.

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  1. I’m proud of you for sticking to your journey. Keep going! Good luck!

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