Two Tech Products That Make My Life Easier

Two Tech Products That Make My Life Easier - Picture Keeper Connect and Bondic Starter Kit

Beauty Brite DisclosureI’m all about finding things that make my life easier in any way possible. Aren’t we all? Life can get so busy and hectic nowadays that time-saving trends are something I really appreciate. I had never heard of Picture Keeper Connect or Bondic® before giving their products a whirl. But, am I ever glad I know about them now. And you will be, too, trust me!

Bondic Starter Kit

Bondic® works like a 3D printing pen, meaning that you can control and mold how it looks and where it goes easily. But, it’s actually a tool, think super glue, but better. You can fix just about anything with this liquid plastic welder without the glued fingers, ruined countertops or any of the other downsides to that other hideously hard to use product.

And, here’s the best part, the liquid plastic stays liquid until you shine the UV light at the tip of the product onto it. It takes shining that UV light (for only 4 little seconds, by the way) to cause the liquid plastic to harden. I love that it stays liquid and doesn’t harden inside the tube like super glue does, that means no wasted product.

So, not only can you fix pretty much any broken item you own, you can actually use this product to rebuild it! Yes, you heard me right. Rebuild it!! Also, and here’s the awesomeness of it, it adheres to most surfaces such as plastic, metal, fiberglass and wood and it can be used underwater and on damp services! Super Glue definitely cannot do that. Add in the fact that it’s made in the USA, non-toxic, solvent-free and non-carcinogenic … I think it’s darn near perfect.

Bondic Starter Kit

Here’s Bondic® all taken apart for you to see. The small pen-like tip is where the liquid plastic is dispensed wherever you need it to go. If you’re just re-adhering something you can squeeze out a small amount, attach whatever needs attaching, and then zap it with the UV light. Done. Super simple.

If you need to repair something that has a missing piece, you can dispense a little bondic to the item, hit it with the UV light and repeat as many times as needed to rebuild the missing piece of your item. It can be filed, molded or even painted to complete the repair to your broken item.


Bondic Starter Kit

Here, I did an initial “test” to see how it works. See the picture collage above? The lower left picture is of the Bondic® liquid plastic right after dispensing on the paper. You can see that I took a toothpick and am lifting it out of the product to show that it’s still liquid. Then I sat the toothpick back down into the puddle and shone the UV light onto it for about four seconds. The top pic is after I used the UV light to harden it and then lifted the paper to show that the toothpick is now stuck inside the hardened puddle.

I’m really aggravated because my car key fob really needs to be repaired. A small piece of plastic on it broke so that it will no longer stay on my key ring. But, I put that key fob away “right where I knew I could find it.” And… now I can’t remember where I put it. I know it will turn up, but I was really looking forward to putting this product to the test on that item.

Fortunately, I found a great video that shows some of the uses of Bondic® liquid plastic that includes how to use it to fix a car key fob. So, you will be able to see that process anyway, despite my own lack of being able to show you.

Bondic Starter Kit

Here are just a couple of samples of how this product can be used. It can be used to create a covering over exposed wiring to prevent getting shocked or to repair holes or cracks in piping, preventing costly repairs. Check out this video for other ways that Bondic® liquid plastic can be used in your home.

You can find several other videos showing what Bondic® liquid plastic can do at their Show Me How Page or on YouTube. But, don’t limit yourself in regards to what this product can repair, this is one instance in which you can truly “think outside the box” and apply it to just about anything under the sun you have that needs fixing!

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Now, if you’re looking for a better way to store those precious family and/or vacation photos or take a lot of pictures for work that you can’t afford to lose you may be interested in the Picture Keeper Connect. I have so many photos … so, so many … that I want to keep safe. I have also lost many photos, too. I hate that feeling when photos (little precious digital memories) are lost and I know you probably do, too.

Picture Keeper Connect USB Photo Backup

This small USB Drive (available in 16, 32 and 64 GB sizes) is perfect for backing up photos, videos and contacts from your mobile devices. And it’s smart, too. It searches all your digital files and backs them up while skipping duplicates! I love this feature since I have redundant files amongst all of my digital devices (all in the name of trying not to lose them).

My daughter mentioned that she was looking for a way to save her digital pictures so I had to get her one for her precious memories! I gave her this product as a Christmas gift (doesn’t she look SO excited). You’ll have to forgive her for that. She’d worked quite a few overtime hours in the days leading up to Christmas morning and was exhausted. LOL

Picture Keeper Connect USB Photo Backup

But, trust me, as ho-hum as she appears here, she has thanked me several times since Christmas for giving her this handy little device! And it’s simplistic use is just priceless — simply plug it into your device, click “Start Backup” and the Picture Keeper does all the work from there. It not only works for your PC or Mac computer but is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, too.

Picture Keeper Connect USB Photo Backup

I love that it comes with complete yet concise directions. There’s nothing I hate more in this world than complicated instructions. It will turn me off of learning how to use an item faster than anything, no matter how wonderful it may be.

Two more features I love is that Picture Keeper provides live support help (for any questions you may have) and the ability to set a Backup Reminder to alert you that it’s time to do another backup. That Backup Reminder is going to be invaluable for me since I’m too busy to remember things like that on my own.

If you want to save more than just photos, they have a product for that, too. The Picture Keeper Pro will not only back up photos, but also music, videos and documents, as well.

Another perk, this isn’t a cloud-type product so you can use it anywhere, anytime even if you don’t have access to an internet connection. You’re not storing your photos on some far off device who knows where, all of your precious memories are right here on the USB Drive you can actually see and touch. I love tech, but I guess I have a little bit of old-school in me, after all!

What tech products make your life easier? Have you tried Bondic® or Picture Keeper products before?


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