Treat And Heal Your Skin Kindly

I never thought I would have so many breakouts as an adult, but it happens. As a single mom, I feel like my breakouts could be a result of stress and other factors. It’s just another reason to take better care of myself and focus on my health! When the seasons change, it is a great reminder to evaluate your skincare products too! Are you ready to treat and heal your skin kindly? We’ve got a few products to suggest! 

Treat And Heal Your Skin Kindly
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Like everyone else, I’m ready for a new year and a new start. I need to get back into a regular fitness routine. This year, I kept switching it up, it keeps me from getting bored. This year will be busy for me as I am starting a few new projects! I just like staying busy! 

Treat your skin

I was recently introduced to AcneBLU and was intrigued. 


No dryness?

No redness?

No stinging?

How could that be?

Most of us have tried the store bought “acne pads” and they sting, can cause dryness, and even make your breakouts standout right after using the acne pad! 

It took me a bit to consider whether I should try AcneBLU! Do they work? If anything, I had to give them a try. I was curious! 

AcneBLU are packed in a unique glass jar (better for the environment)! They are made of anti-acne botanicals, free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, and gluten. They are also vegan and cruelty-free!

I’ve been using AcneBLU for over a week now. I didn’t expect them to clear up my breakouts overnight, but I was skeptical about them not causing dryness, itching, stinging, or even irritation! 

AcneBLU open jar

I find that AcneBLU is quietly and gently healing and soothing my skin. The pads feel like a gentle exfoliation on my skin. They gentle scrub my skin, while applying acne healing ingredients. 

In the span of a week that I’ve been using the product, I still have the occasional breakout, but my skin is getting better and looking clearer! 

Heal your skin 

For me, I was looking for a skin care line that would be gentle and anti-aging! I also appreciate products that offer dual benefits. Let’s talk about Merlot Skin Care! I’ve been blogging for many years and over that time, I’ve watched other bloggers try, write, and feature the Merlot Skin Care line. 

Merlot Skin Care was generous enough to send me their Vineyard Gold Facial Oil, Merlot Sunrise Serum, Grape Seed Moisturizer, Grape Seed Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer.  

I’ve been using their products for over a week so far and have noticed a beautiful difference. With winter here, that means the weather is cold and usually makes my skin! I also feel like my showers are hotter, which leaves my skin feeling and looking dry and cracked. 

Merlot Skin Care line are made in the USA, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. 

How I use Merlot Skin Care

Step 1: I start with a cleanser. Along with my cleanser, I use the QYKSonic Zoe for a deeper clean and gentle massage! I love using my Zoe as I can use it to cleanse and help massage and apply my skincare products.

Step 2: If I have toner on hand, I will use a toner! 

Vineyard Gold Facial Oil

Step 3: I like to follow the toner with the Vineyard Gold Facial Oil. For a deep moisturization, I like to use the facial oil right after cleansing!

Merlot Sunrise Serum

Step 4: Next is the Merlot Sunrise Serum. I’ve started applying the oil and serum together. Just a small squirt of serum and two drops of the facial oil and apply to my face! It’s a lovely and cooling treat on my skin. 

Grape Seed Moisturizer

Step 5: The last step is the Grape Seed Moisturizer! I’ve been using the moisturizer (and the facial oil and serum) day and evening! The moisturizer can also double as a makeup primer! The moisturizer absorbs quickly.

Grape Seed Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer

I wanted lotion to use at home and on-the-go! The Grape Seed Hand Cream Plus Sanitizer fits the bill! Not only does it help keep my dry hands feeling soft and smooth, but it contains sanitizer! I am always applying sanitizer when we are out and about! I can easily throw the hand cream in my purse or tote bag and we are good to go! 

I’ve been using Merlot Skin Care products for over a week and love the softness and noticeable difference in my skin. No dryness, no flakes, no irritation. 

Their skincare products are lightweight and absorb quickly! I haven’t had any issues with applying makeup over their products! No greasy residue. Just smooth skin! 

You can shop Merlot Skincare products on Amazon


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  1. My friends and I love AcneBlu!! So soothing!

  2. Shannon D Citrino says

    I’ve never had acne, but I do have dryskin. the merlot stuff looks good..

  3. Maybe I will pick some up for the daughter she worries herself sick over the slightest outbreak.

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