The Swan Princess Is At It Again

The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music
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That’s right, The Swan Princess has done it again but this time in the Kingdom of Music. My little ones and I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of the latest addition to The Swan Princess series. We are pleased to announce that the Kingdom of Magic did not disappoint!

The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music features our favorite Princess Odette and friends. Princess Odette plans a music competition in celebration of Princess Alise’s birthday! Whoever wins the competition gets to sing at Princess Alise’s birthday ball. Little does Princess Odette know the actual journey they’ll be embarking on in this tale. I’ll give you a little hint…….. it includes a Dragon and Princess Mei Li!

The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music Speed Plush

In anticipation for the grand arrival of The Swan Princess:Kingdom of Music, my little ones and I got to hang out with Speed. We searched far and low for the Kingdom of Music. Embarking on journeys of our own to save the Princesses.

Looking for some fun to add in with your own Prince or Princess?

I know that I am always looking for something special to add along with the movies we watch. If you saw my last review, which was on The Ugly Dolls, then you know my kids really look forward to the extras associated with films. Sony Entertainment made that easier than ever with ideas that coincide perfectly with the DVD. A huge plus is that most of the necessary items can be found in your recycle bin or craft area.

The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music Box Guita
The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music Water Bottle Maraca

You can pick up your own DVD/Digital Copy of The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music beginning August 6, 2019 through Amazon or Itunes.

On October 29, 2019 The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music will hit shelves for the first time ever on Blu-ray and 4K HDR!

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  1. Never heard of it. Sounds like a good one.

  2. Sounds good but do not recall hearing about it till now.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    Your baby is so cute. I am sure any little girl will love this!

  4. Sandy Klocinski says

    I don’t have any little kids so the Swan Princess is new to me. I am sure any child would love it

  5. I have not heard of this but I know my young niece would probably have heard of it and would be excited about it.

  6. Steve Weber says

    My nieces have been watching this gem on repeat! such a great movie.

  7. Children love music so this should be a great movie for them.

  8. Lydia Goodman says

    Hmm, dont think I remember seeing this one, but I think my granddaughter might like it

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