The Better Skin Co. Is Coming To ULTA Beauty

The Better Skin Co. Is Coming To ULTA Beauty

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It’s time to mark your calendars! Starting March 18th, The Better Skin Co. will be available at an ULTA Beauty Store near you!

I am so honored for the opportunity to try this brand before it hits stores! I was not familiar with The Better Skin Co., so I am so thrilled to share the brand and products with all of you! Are you ready?

The Better Skin Co. Is Coming To ULTA Beauty. Are you ready?

The Better Skin Co. showcase

Let’s take a closer look at the skincare line! I want to mention that after only a short time using the products, I have found that you only need a small amount. The products go a long way. The Better Skin Co. will have the following products available at ULTA Beauty:

  • Better Skin Lava Magik
  • Better Skin Epik C Serum
  • Better Skin Mirakle Cream
  • Better Skin Zit No More

Better Skin Lava Magik

The Better Skin Lava Magik can be used three ways: as a cleanser, scrub and mask! It is a very gentle scrub. I tend to use it every evening to cleanser and remove the day from my face. This is a great product to add to your beauty routine! You only need to use a small amount!

There are times when I like to pamper myself with a face mask and the Better Skin Lava Magik is a perfect product to indulge with! I apply to my skin and leave on for about 5 minutes!

Epik C Serum & Zit No More

I’ve tried Vitamin C serums before. They were always liquid and absorbed too quickly and I always felt like I needed to use a few drops just to apply all over my skin. The Better Skin Epik C Serum is completely different. It absorbs quickly but the product itself is a little thicker, so it’s easier to apply to my skin.

I am excited to have the Better Skin Zit No More on hand. My skin is currently going through a few breakouts and I’m not sure why! The Better Skin Zit No More to the rescue. It is easy to use and apply and dries quickly on my skin.

If anything, grab your own Better Skin Zit No More.  Perfect to keep while on-the-go.

The Better Skin Co. Is Coming To ULTA Beauty!  Are you familiar with the brand?

Better Skin Mirakle Cream

After cleansing with Better Skin Lava Magik, toning, and using the Better Skin Epik C Serum, I then finish my beauty routine with the Better Skin Mirakle Cream. I found out right away that I only need a small dab! A little product goes a long way! This cream is so gentle and lightweight on my skin. I can use this both day and evening. The cream is great to use under my makeup and it keeps my skin soft and smooth throughout the day!

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The Better Skin Co. Is Coming To ULTA Beauty! What products do you want to try?


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  1. Heard of this vaguely. Nice brand I learned a lot more about this

  2. i have not heard of this line, the products look healthy

  3. the Better Skin Lava Magik looks so cool and cutting edge

  4. Sounds like a brand I would be interested in trying.

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