Stylish Eyewear For Every Season

Stylish Eyewear for Every Season

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Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean we lose our fashionable styles.  We’re constantly looking for a great deal, me as a mom of soon to be four kids, and Blythe, as a copywriter who’s constantly on the computer. Well, Readers and Sunglasses Warehouse has you more than covered! They have a ton of different styles, colors, shapes, and lens power to fit every need. From funky to fun, and lens type to tint, both sites help you find your perfect pair at a great deal.

I was given the opportunity to try three different pairs of sunglasses and Blythe was given the chance to try four different pairs of glasses. We both can’t wait to share them with you!

First two pairs: The Joel & The Pike Place Computer Reader

The Joel and The Pike Place Computer Reader

The Joel is ideal for anyone who likes a very simple, semi-rimless frame. They have a very sporty look, though on me the kind of look like I’m trying out my best Sarah Palin. I do like their lightweight feel and the textured grips around the ears, which help to keep them from slipping.

I chose The Pike Place Computer Readers to help reduce eye stress from my computer. I’m either on my computer, phone or tablet all day long so sometimes my eyes feel strained. The Pike Place was designed with an amber anti-glare coating to help block blue light and tone down the computer screen. While I like the look of these reading glasses, especially in the tortoise, the glasses gave me a headache every time I tried to wear them.

The Joel and The Pike Place Computer Reader Wear

Both of these frames are stylish and would work perfectly for a day at the office:
Bottoms: Dark jeans or leggings
Tops: Long sleeve tee with a bell sleeve, or a long, casual sweater or sweatshirt.
Shoes: Boots, flats or a simple sneaker.

Second two pairs: The Blanche & Brookside

The Blanche and Brookside

The Blanche is my absolute favorite pair of the four I tried. If I have to admit to finally needing reading glasses, I want them to be fun and funky. I love the retro style of the two-toned patterned, square frames. The green and purple really pop against my skin tone and hair. I also think the square frames are super flattering on my face.

Coming in at a close second, are the Brookside frames in blue, and not just because blue is my favorite color. Again, I really like the square frames. I think this style is the most flattering on my face. Because of its classic style, the Brookside works well for both men and women. The lightweight frames are very comfy so again, I don’t feel so bad about needing a little extra help seeing the small print. Although they are a narrow frame, I do think these are the most versatile of the readers I choose because of their style and color choice.

The Blanche and Brookside wear

Both of these frames are funky, yet wearable. They would work well for casual days or fun nights out:
Bottoms: Your favorite jeans, pants or LBD
Tops: Sequined or bling top or a fitted sweater or flyaway cardigan
Shoes: Booties, heels, or flats

 First Pair: Arcadia Matte Tortoise



The Arcadia Matte Tortoise are by far my favorite pair that I received. I love the color and how they go with everything, from just a basic look to dressing it up. The lenses are polarized and have 99% UVA/UVB sun protection. I prefer the rectangle look versus your new “bubbly” look of most sunglasses that you find out there today.

These you can dress up or down really easy, how to pair them:
Pants: Dark jeans or slacks
Shirts: You could go for casual with a nice tee or spice it up with a fun and dressy blouse. Throw on a long sweater or cardigan to give it that extra flare.  I think warm colors would go best with the brown in the sunglasses.
Shoes: From Boots to flats, these sunglasses could complete any outfit.

Second Pair: Copa with Gray Tortoise

Copa gray tortoise


The Copa are so fun, they remind me of something coming straight out of the 60’s! These have a unique metal brow bar across the top. These funky frames can spice up any outfit.

How to pair them:
Pants: I think khakis or olives would look great maybe in a carpi pants.
Shirt:  Choose a solid tee or long sleeve in a nature-based color, and throw on a jean jacket to finish your look.
Shoes: Flats or a basic sneaker like chucks or converse.
I think the more simple the better for this pair of sunglasses since they have a variety of colors in them.

Third Pair: Morant Gray Lens with Silver Frames

Mirrored Aviators silver frames with gray lense


The Morant are great for guys or gals, and let you look extra sharp. They also give you that crisp look you get from wearing mirrored lenses. I find the Morant Grey Lens perfect for any look, especially since they come in many different lenses and frame colors.

How to pair them:
Pants: Dark or light wash jeans or any black pants would go great too.
Shirt: For this, almost anything would work, you can pull off any color or style shirt with these glasses. I even think a dress would look great with these.
Shoes: Flats or heels.
You can even throw on a beanie to finish off your look!

As you can see, we are loving all our new glasses. Their affordability makes it easy to constantly change up our looks for every occasion, mood, or season.

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What’s your favorite pair of readers? Which sunglasses did you like best?


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  1. I actually need a new pair of glasses. Mine are like 10 years old, but I need an eye exam first I suppose 🙂

  2. I love a good pair of sun glasses that I can wear any season! They have the best frames! I’m sure anyone who shops there will be super happy!

  3. They have a good fit and have nice designs. I am really fun to having more than one glasses but maybe, I’ll try to explore more.

  4. These are really cute! I have been needing a pair of sunglasses so I have to check them out. I need to get ones with my prescription and I have been putting it off due to them being expensive at my my Dr’s office.

  5. I really like the Blanche, and it’s similar to the style that I currently wear. The Arcadia Matte Tortoise is my favorite for the sunglasses. I have a pair in the exact style but they are black.

  6. I love those styles I have not changed my glasses in over a year so I am ready for a change. The readers are so nice and I love totoise shell patterns.

  7. I just got new glasses and while I like them, I get so bored easily with them! This sounds like a great company to try out!

  8. these are great eyewear options! I need a new pair for fall and will have to check these out!

  9. I am about to get new glasses next week. I love the blanche in patterned. They are so fun and funky.

  10. everydaythoughtsbybrittany says

    I wear glasses a couple times a week when I need to give my eyes a break from contacts and I love to change up my look when I do it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention now I need to shop for some new glasses!

  11. I absolutely love the Brookside in blue on you. It is perfect for the shape of your face.

  12. I love how affordable these glasses and sunglasses. You can really can have a different pair for every single day.

  13. You have really picked out a gorgeous selection of eyewear. I especially like those sunglasses with the grey lenses and silver frame.

  14. I love a great pair of glasses! This are such great styles. I think I would love to give the Copa a wear… they’re so stylish!

  15. I love these frames. Eyeglasses are so expensive. I want different frames, and these are super cute.

  16. All of those looks like great products, I’d love to have a pair. The Brookside in Blue totally got my attention though.

  17. Love wearing sunglasses and making sure I have a few pairs in case I lose a pair or one is broken. I really like the design of these too! Can wear with anything!

  18. All these glasses are great! I wear glasses and get so bored wearing the same ones everyday!

  19. I love all of these different styles. Looks like they have so much to choose from!

  20. I love the variety of glasses you have shown here. I am actually due for a new pair!

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