Smoother Lips with CBD Oil Gloss

Smoother Lips with CBD Oil Gloss

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Recently, I have been researching ways to implement natural and plant based products into my house and my beauty routine. I have mentioned in several posts about my love for plant based cleansers and skincare as well as the bountiful benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD oil products. The area where I have fell short is finding ways to replace my make up with natural and plant based options that were affordable.

Get Smooth and Luxurious Skin that is Affordable

Untouchable Beauty has an expansive skincare line with everything I could hope for in a natural and chemical free make up line. The best part is that I don’t have to sacrifice my bank account. Untouchable Beauty was created with two main goals.

  1. To make products with high quality and safe ingredients.
  • This is achieved by providing products that are vegan, paraban-free, gluten-free, and contain no added scents or perfumes. Common ingredients include coconut and jajoba oil as well as serums packed with vitamins
  • Untouchable Beauty is suitable for men and women and has products for all skin types. Average prices range from $15-$30

The Uses of CBD Oil Include:

  • treating arthritis as well as acute or chronic pain and inflammation
  • anxiety, depression, and Bipolar Disorder
  • PMS, PTSD, and stress
  • Nausea and Crohn’s Disease

How Untouchable Beauty Incorporates CBD

cbd lip gloss

Untouchable Beauty has released a line of CBD oil infused lip glosses that provide a smoother, more plump lip while also providing the benefits of CBD oil to be absorbed topically. Each Tube contains 100 mg of CBD oil. CBD Oil Lip Gloss Serum – Hydraboost is a natural way to plump the lips while also calming the mind. Each tube has a subtle, peppermint taste and a slight tint. The gloss gives a shinny smooth feel and look that goes perfect with any skin tone. Hydraboost is formulated to assist with dry lips and heal cold sores.

Untouchable Beauty CBD oil products contain NO THC. THC is the mind altering chemical in some CBD and marijuana products.

CBD Oil Lip Gloss Serum – Hydraboost

cbd gloss colors

Hydraboost comes in three colors:

  • Clear: a simple, shinny finish with the added benefits of CBD
  • Nude Tones: gives a sublte, brown undertone and contains CBD
  • Pink Tones: a hint of pink/red, also contains CBD

I prefer to wear nudes and pinks when I wear liquid lipstick. I find the colors and tints to be quite light so I match it with one of my matte liquid lipsticks to keep me from getting that dry and cracked look.

Lip and Eye Butter

lip and eye butter

Treat dry lips as well as dry skin and wrinkles around the eyes with one miracle product. The Sweet Citrus Lip and Eye Butter is an all in one stick that can treat dry skin in all areas of the face. The scent is very light and causes no irritation around the eyes. The best time to use the lip and eye butter is at night; apply around the eyes and lips for a well rested look the next day. The Lip and Eye Butter can also be used during the day if you prefer, as it contains SPF 15 which will keep you protected from harmful sun rays.


Check out my other recommendations for CBD and Hemp Oil products. While you’re there, check out other CBD recommendations. Feel free to ask me how CBD and Hemp Oil can help you!

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