Products for Sensitive Skin – Are These The Best?

Products For Sensitive Skin

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Finding quality products for sensitive skin is always a struggle. Everything breaks me out, irritates my skin, and gives me a migraine. It looks me months before I figured out that my shampoo and conditioner were irritating my scalp and making my migraines worse. Even regular washcloths irritate my skin, and thankfully I’ve found washcloths for sensitive skin. After doing some research and seeing a dermatologist, I’ve found some great, affordable products for sensitive skin that really work for me.

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One mention I want to make is detergent. The All Free & Clear is the only detergent my dermatologist recommends I used. I found out I was allergic to detergent after washing an outfit that I wanted to wear and I completely broke out all over my body.

Products For Sensitive Skin

While I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist to go over options for products for sensitive skin, these really have worked great for me. I’ve stopped using my Redken hair care products and switched to Free & Clear. I was at ULTA asking about shampoo and condition that doesn’t contain fragrance, and a woman was walking by and heard me. She told me her boyfriend is the same way and the only thing that works is the Free & Clear Shampoo and Conditioner. These two products are completely free of everything that would cause irritation, breakouts, and migraines. They cost about $10.99 for each product, which is a little pricey, but the ends results are worth it. My hair still comes out super soft as if I was using a luxury haircare brand.

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While I was at the dermatologist, I was treating my Eczema. She recommended that I use the sensitive skin Dove shower gel. She told me there was an actual shower gel, but I wasn’t able to find it. Instead, I went with the dove bars. Dove is an incredible brand, and my skin feels so smooth after using it. No irritations, no breakouts. What’s great is how affordable these are. I paid around $2 for the two bars.

When I asked her about the best products for sensitive skin, she also recommended the Vanicream, which is a cream that’s free of everything. I use this in the afternoons and apply it to the areas where I had the eczema flare-ups. This is an amazing Moisturizing Skin Cream if you’re on the market for one. So far, I’ve only seen this sold at Target for around $15 for the 1 lb size. It’s a little pricey, but it’s been the body moisturizing cream that I’ve ever used.

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Another great skincare brand is Cetaphil. I’ve mostly only used their Cleansing Cloths, but they’re so gentle on the skin. When I use them, my skin doesn’t even get red. They’re so nice and do a great job at removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths for sensitive skin

Where I have the Eczema outbreak is on the bottom of my feet. A lot of times my feet hurt when I walk because I did a lot of scratching that I scratched some of the skin off. I have a lot of allergies, one of those is bleach. Which of course, is used to clean the bathroom. So, anytime I take a shower, my feet would burn and get really red. It’s been suggested that I use shower shoes or sandals. I was given the opportunity to test out the OKABASHI sandals, and they’ve been amazing. They’re just flat sandals that I wear when I take a shower. They’re mainly meant for when you go to the beach or a public pool. You wear them while showering there since many people use those showers. For me, these keep my feet from getting red and irritated. I do take my time in the shower so that I don’t slip and fall wearing them, but I haven’t had any of those issues. In fact, I feel completely safe using them.


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Finding Products For Sensitive Skin No Longer Has To Be A Struggle

I’m lucky that I’ve finally found some products for sensitive skin. It’s frustrating when you use products that just cause irritations. Hopefully, some or all of these products will work for you. If you have super sensitive skin, let us know what products have worked great for you!

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