Perfumes Perfect for the Holiday Gift Giving Season

Perfume and Cologne Perfect for the Holiday Gift Giving Season

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The Holiday Season is approaching fast and as October is drawing nearer to a close, the looming thought that I need to get a jump on my gift shopping is weighing heavy on me. I always tell myself I’m going to start my shopping the first week of October so I can spend the entire month of December stress free and enjoying Holiday events but I always find myself scrambling mid December to find that perfect gift.

Vince Camuto – Virtu is a Great Option for the Man in your Life

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My boyfriend is the absolute hardest to shop for as he has a ton of clothes, taking up TWO closets and a dresser in our house. He has shoes, watches, and body washes. I just have the hardest time finding him the perfect gift. I was able to find Vince Camuto Virtu cologne for men and I tried my best to stash it away before he found it, to no avail. As soon as it came out of the box, he was all over it and using it as frequently as he could. This cologne has a great smell that lingers throughout the day and has no horrible alcohol undertone. The cologne is not overpowering and does not need to be re-applied. The detectable notes include Turkish Cardamom, Crushed Peppercorn, Fresh Papyrus, Warm Cedar, Tuscan Leather, Silky Musk, and Indian Sandalwood. Cedar and Balsam are his favorite Holiday scents so it is no surprise that he loves this cologne. The spice scents make it a perfect fall addition to his daily routine.

Platinum Rush by Paris Hilton makes a Great Gift for your Daughter, Sister, or YOURSELF

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I am typically not a perfume person. I find myself lingering towards fruity scents that seem to be hard to find within a woman’s perfume line. I usually stay away from high end perfumes as they have an overwhelming floral scent that leaves my head cloudy. However, after trying Platinum Rush by Paris Hilton, I am happy to say that this high end perfume is quite the opposite. The fruit notes within this perfume are the reason I am so drawn to it - Asian Pear, Red Apple, and Fresh Mango as well as undertones of Cashmere Musks, Sheer Patchouli, and Liquid Amber. I have worn this perfume about three times; each out on a date with my boyfriend and he has commented on how great I smell every time. I even put this perfume to the test by climbing Grandfather Mountain in Boone NC and it stayed put after two hours of rugged trail climbing! I have added a one or two of these bottles to my Amazon cart to give as a gift to my closet friends.


What other gift options are you guys adding to your Holiday Lists? Do you need another gift idea? See what we’ve added to our most recent gift guide!

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