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Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard--Mrs. Renfro's Salsa-Eat Your Coffee Energy Bars



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Snacks. It’s an all-important segment of every shopper’s grocery list and a constantly evolving one for me. We love snacks at my house, but get bored with the same old ones every week. So, it’s essential to rotate what I buy to keep everyone happy and satisfied. I think my family appreciates the effort I make to find new and interesting items to nosh on while engaging in various home or on-the-go activities.

Mostly, I choose snacks with other family members in mind in terms of their tastes and what they might enjoy. Sometimes, I see a snack option while shopping that I just can’t resist buying for myself regardless of whether anyone else might also like it. Few and far between, to be sure, but I do succumb to my own personal snack desires on occasion.

I want to share two of the newest snacks to have occupied a space in my cupboard recently, Mrs. Renfro’s Gourmet Salsa and Eat Your Coffee Bars.



Renfro Foods-Mrs. Renfro's Pumpkin Salsa

In keeping with my habit of putting my family’s snack habits before my own, I’ll share the salsa first. We like to try lots of different flavors when it comes to salsa. Mrs. Renfro’s offers more than a dozen salsa varieties. We tried Pumpkin Salsa.

I thought it would be a great variety to try because my daughter likes anything pumpkin-flavored and we had never before tried anything like it.


Renfro Foods-Mrs. Renfro's Pumpkin Salsa


My daughter came over to eat dinner with us one evening. While she and I prepared supper, I decided it would be a great time to see what she thought of the pumpkin salsa. So, I pulled a bag of chips and a jar of the salsa out of the pantry and set her up to taste it. As I thought, she at first gave me a puzzled expression and exclaimed, “Pumpkin Salsa? I’ve never heard of such a thing.” But, after trying it she declared it was delicious!

Her words: “Enough pumpkin taste to be unique but not so much as to overpower the salty tortilla chips. I like it!”


Renfro Foods-Mrs. Renfro's Pumpkin Salsa


So, to be fair, I was pretty sure she would like it. My husband, however, he’s more of a traditional salsa flavor type of guy. When he got home from work a short time later, we were still cooking dinner. I made him a plate of chips with a small bowl of the pumpkin salsa and took it to him to munch on while he watched the news and waited for dinner to be ready.

Of course, he gave me a weird look when I told him the flavor of the salsa but he’s always game to try new things. Low and behold, he really liked it, too. He spent some time looking up Renfro Foods on the internet to see what other kinds of products they offered and mentioned a few other flavors to me that he’d like to try soon.

So, there it is. One more family-approved snack option to add to my rotating list of options! Love it! And they have a ton of flavors available like Ghost Pepper, Raspberry Chipotle, Pineapple, Habanero, Black Bean, among many others. They also offer a selection of peppers and relishes, as well as cheese, Mexican, and barbecue sauces.

My husband really wants to try the Ghost Pepper salsa soon! I found Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa at our local Walmart. If you can’t find them locally, you can also find them on Amazon.


Energy Bars


Eat Your Coffee Bars


Now, for myself (and my adult daughter), I chose a coffee-flavored snack. Eat Your Coffee Bars are energy bars for coffee lovers to munch on between meals, as a morning starter or when having a cup of coffee isn’t very convenient. I think these are great to throw in my bag when I’m running errands for a quick pick me up when I find my energy starting to flag. I will sometimes have one at home in the afternoon when I’m feeling like I’d like nothing better than to lie down and take a nap. It gives me a boost of energy that makes it easier to power through the rest of the day.


Eat Your Coffee Bars


Each of these energy bars contains the caffeine equivalent of an eight ounce cup of coffee in an easy, portable package. They come in flavors like Peanut Butter Mocha, Fudgy Mocha Latte, and Salted Caramel Macchiato.


Eat Your Coffee Bars

Too much?? LOL


Of course, I love coffee-flavor in just about anything snack-wise. If you’re not a coffee lover you might find the coffee taste a bit strong. But, I think they’re pretty great.

Each bar is made with high-quality ingredients and are vegan, non-GMO, kosher and made with organic ingredients. Depending on the flavor you choose, you might find it contains gluten-free oats, high fiber dates, protein-packed nut butter, and fair trade coffee.

This will definitely be a great alternative for those occasions when carrying a cup of coffee (even with a lid on it) is highly inconvenient like when exercising or running, hiking, lugging toddlers around town to grocery shop or run errands.

I like that they are small and thin so you can literally stick them anywhere no matter how overloaded or small they are. As a busy mom, space in my purse or bag is valuable considering all the stuff I sometimes need to carry around with me. I really appreciate the high portability of this small yet powerful snack option.

Check out this Store Locator to see if they are available near you, or order them through Amazon.


How often do you rotate snacks in your home for your family? Do you stick to tried-and-trues or branch out to try new snack options?

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard

Overhaul Your Snack Cupboard



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