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Oofos OOriginal Thong

About Oofos:

Oofos are made of material called OOfoam.  The patented foot-bed design delivers an unprecedented experience because of its unique energy absorption capabilities. 

Benefits include: Anti fatigue, lightweight, reduced body impact, revolutionary comfort, underfoot support, water resistant and machine washable. 

My Review:

Oofos offers three different types of sandals: OOriginal Thong, OOahh Slide and OOcloog Clog.  I was sent the OOriginal Thong in fuschia.  I love the color, so bold and sassy.

When I first tried them on, I noticed how lightweight they were and as soon as I stood up, my feet felt like they were resting on a cloud.  The sandals are so comfortable and roomy on my feet.  I love that sandals are water resistant and machine washable!  (The tag states to wash in cold water only and do not put in the dryer).

I am always hesitant to shop for shoes online because the sizing does not always work for me.  However, OOfos fit perfectly.  My sandals grip the bottom of my feet so well and I do not feel a strain when I wear them.  Normally when I wear a new pair of shoes or sandals, my feet are left with aches and pains and I do not feel that with OOfos.

Since the weather is not warm enough for sandals, I love wearing my OOfos around the house.  I am always running around cleaning or sitting at my desk and the sandals put a little ease on my feet.  No matter what task, my feet are happy.

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  1. I would like shoes that feel like walking on a cloud (but wouldn’t we fall thru clouds?)

  2. great review– My husband had gotten a pair last year–and I am so tempted to steal them if they weren’t so darn big–maybe I’ll be able to get some this year. thanks for the review

  3. great review– I need to really get new sandals since the summer will be here soon.

  4. Rachel Simons says

    I love the look of those. I like that they aren’t completely flat too. I am going to check them out 🙂

  5. Those look super comfy! I would love some for this summer!

  6. They sound terrific, my mom would love these!

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