Are These the Most Opaque Nail Polishes?

Northern Nail Polish

Beauty Brite Disclosure
I enjoy pampering myself once in a while, but I’ll admit that I don’t regularly keep up with having my nails done. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to do them, and I can’t always justify spending money on getting my nails done when I can do them myself. On the flip side, I can never turn down the opportunity to test out a new (to me) nail polish brand to see how it stacks up to other, well-known brands. Spoiler alert — I may have found one of the most opaque nail polishes, and it comes from Northern Nail Polish.

Northern Nail Polish – All About the Brand

Northern Nail Polish is a brand that handcrafts their polishes in Michigan, and where they pull their inspiration from the “everyday beauty of Michigan’s towns, nature, festivals, and people.” This brand has been proudly making their polishes in Traverse City, Michigan since 2013.

Northern Nail Polish bottles

An Abundance of Color Options

Northern Nail Polish ($12 a bottle) offers a variety of polish shades that whether you want a neon shade for the summer, a bold option as a pop of color, or want to keep it neutral, there’s something for everyone. The polishes on my wishlist include:

  • – Barely There
  • – Pinky
  • – Coal In My Stocking
  • – Old Mission
  • – Base & Top Coat

Northern Nail Polish Review

I had the change to test out three polishes: Leland Blue, Sand Between My Toes, and America’s High Five. I’m not sure who selected out these three polishes for me, but they did a marvelous job! Leland Blue is a bolder shade of blue that’s going to be a popular option for the summer, Sand Between My Toes is a great nude that a lot of people can pull off, and America’s High Five is still neutral but has a little boldness to it — and some shimmer! I Looking at the bottles, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the nude polish, mainly because, nude nail polishes look horrible on me! But I LOVE it, and I wear it more often than the others.

Northern Nail Polish in America's High Five

Northern Nail Polish in America's High Five

Northern Nail Polish in Sand Between my Toes

Northern Nail Polish Swatches

I was impressed with how opaque these are! I couldn’t believe that just one coat gave me this finish. Most high-end nail polishes require two coats before they’re opaque. While these costs more than OPI ($10.50) & Essie ($9.00), you don’t need to use as much polish. Meaning they will last longer, and for an extra $1.50 – $2.00, it’s worth it.

The Northern Nail Polish bottles do retail slightly higher than the other brands at the drugstore, but the quality is much better. Their polishes are more opaque, people will enjoy the color selection, and the nail polish will last longer, especially when using a top coat.

If you’re looking for a new brand to try, I can’t say enough great things about Northern Nail Polish.

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