Non-Toxic House Cleaning

Healthier Housekeeping, Healthier Everybody with Aunt Fannie’s

Healthier Housekeeping, Healthier Everybody!
Beauty Brite DisclosureDid you know that we spend 95% of our lives indoors? Indoor air is 500% more polluted than the air outside. We think that we are cleaning our houses when using all of those toxic cleaners, when in fact we are destroying positive microbes and the microbes are actually what keep us healthy! More than 50% of our cells are microbes and they do everything from helping us digest our food to protecting us from illnesses and disease.

Aunt Fannie’s has created a non-toxic line of products for cleaning and for controlling pest around your home. Their products are made with food bases non-toxic ingredients that are safe for you and your children. Their products help with the growth of natural bacteria that we need to boost our immunity against harmful things to our health.

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We unexpectedly had to run to the hospital to give birth to my one-month-old 3 days before her due date. I made the mistake of leaving a few dishes in the sink, and while we were gone for 3 days, we came home to an ant infestation. The last thing I wanted to do was call an exterminator with a brand new baby in the home.

After cleaning up the dirty dishes and killing all the ants that I could find, they still kept coming back in the following weeks as if they were just waiting for something else to snack on.

Aunt Fannie’s All Purpose Pest Remedy has recently taken care of this pest problem for us. I love that I can spray this product directly onto the pest as I see them. I can also spray it directly onto baseboards, around windows, and use it in the kitchen where we mainly have the pest problem. It lasts up to 30 days, establishes a protective barrier against the pest, and actually has a pleasant smell.

In our area mosquitos are terrible, and since we spend many evenings outdoors, my poor husband gets eaten alive by these annoying pest! Aunt Fannie’s Mosquito Wipes are single wrapped wipes that you can use directly on your skin to keep mosquitoes and other bugs that bite off of you. We recently went to movie night at our local park and I tossed these in the bag. They’re easy to use! Just wipe it right on your skin, and we didn’t have a single bug bite after being outside for more than 3 hours.

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Some other great products from Aunt Fannie’s include their Cleaning Vinegar Wipes, Cleaning Vinegar Spray and the Glass and Window Cleaner! I love using the Cleaning Vinegar Spray to wipe down our countertops and the fresh lime mint scent is so refreshing and clean smelling!

I love the versatility of Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning line and I love knowing that I am doing my part in trying to help protect my family from toxic cleaning chemicals! It is super easy to make the switch, and these products are very affordable.


Non-Toxic House Cleaning

Non-Toxic House Cleaning Non-Toxic House Cleaning


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