Look Stylish And Feel Great With Daily Life

Look Stylish And Feel Great With Daily Life

Beauty Brite Disclosure

These days, I prefer to sport athleisure wear during the day. My clothes are comfy and allow me to look and feel great! I can still dress up a little with my daily wear but also go for a walk, do yoga or pilates! As a work at home mom, I want to be comfortable without feeling like a mess. My fitness tanks have cute or funny messages on them. They help brighten my day when I see them.

Choose Your Mood

I believe that my daily outlook depends on my mood. I choose to be positive as much as I can. There are times when I am feeling down. I try not to let my son see me when I am feeling low. If I am upset or mad, he tends to pick up on that and he can easily feel the same. I am purposely aware of my attitude around him. He can easily have a meltdown and if he does, I give him space but also let him know that I love him and there for him.

Choose Your Mood Tank

The Choose Your Mood tank is super cute. It is made of super soft material, it seems thin but not at all see through. With the way it is cut, I wear a sports bra and maybe even a tank top underneath! I chose my regular size, however, I recommend sizing up if you like the extra room to wear a sports bra and tank top underneath.

The front of the tank, it reads “Choose Your Mood” and on the back, it says “It’s within you” which is so true. Just believe in the message and it will be true. If you’re living life in a bad mood, being angry and rude, you are going to get the same vibes back! Be uplifting!

Choose Your Mood Tote Bag

My beautiful tote has the same message on the front and back! I love tote bags! The Choose Your Mood tote bag offers plenty of room to use at a farmer’s market, run errands, or general shopping.


My favorite daily wear is comfortable clothes that I can wear around the house or for a quick yoga, pilates session or a nice walk.

Delicious Tank

Based on the reviews, I chose a size smaller than I normally wear and unfortunately, it is too small! Based on the fit of the Delicious Tank, I should have chosen my normal size or even sized up! It is form fitting but has a nice soft feel. If I wore it, I would wear it underneath another tank because it emphasizes the areas of my body I don’t want to show off.

Chelsea Capri

I love wearing yoga capris during the day and even legging capris at night. The Chelsea Capri is high quality! Again, I ordered a size smaller than I normally wear when I should have chosen my normal size or even sized up. The material is nice and lightweight.

Apeiron Yoga

I love lightweight tanks to wear. This past summer, I spent every single day in a fitness tank top! When I saw Apeiron Yoga clothing choices, I had to try them! I love their positive and motivating messages!

Women’s Waves Tank

The Women’s Waves Tank is inspiring! This will be a great reminder for me to follow my passion, be a better mom and positive person. I sized up so I have the option to wear a sports bra and another tank underneath! It fits perfectly!

Fortune Favors the Bold Tank

The Fortune Favors the Bold is my favorite tank! The message really speaks to me because I am the complete opposite. I am very shy and stay in my own little world. I find myself keeping to myself because social media can be mean and negative sometimes.

I love the gold lettering! What do you think of the message? I sized up on this tank so I have the option to wear a sports bra and tank top underneath! I also like having the extra room with my tops!

Jiu Jitsu Jammies

In addition to being comfortable in my clothes, I also like to wear pajamas that are comfortable to sleep in. The Jiu Jitsu Jammies are just that! They are best worn in the fall and winter because they do keep you warm!

Keep in mind that the sizes are unisex, so consider that when you order. I chose to size down because they do not offer petite sizes. I didn’t want to risk having pants that were too long (I have that issue when there are no petite sizes offered).

I love wearing the jammies. I love the whole concept of feeling bad ass and stronger! I’ve never practiced martial arts but I have always loved their uniforms! I hope Jiu Jitsu Jammies expands their clothing styles!


You can find LifeTherapy on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can find Jiu Jitsu Jammies on their website, Facebook, and Twitter,.

You can find Graced By Grit on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can find Apeiron Yoga on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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