Go Eco-Friendly And Organize Your Makeup Tools

I try my best to keep my makeup tools organized. Now, I can keep my brushes organized and save counter space! It’s time to go eco-friendly and organize your makeup tools! Let us show you how!

Go Eco-Friendly And Organize Your Makeup Tools

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I like to update my makeup tools or at least add to my collection. I like to have at least two of each type of brush, that way, I have a backup when one is being cleaned. I also like to have extras available for travel.

If you are looking to change up your makeup tools, we have easy tips to go eco-friendly and organize your makeup tools!

I’ve never tried EcoTools brushes but have seen them at the store! After opening them and taking a closer look at each brush, I am impressed at how lightweight they actually are. My main set of makeup brushes are heavier in my hands. So, when handing the EcoTools, they are a bit easy to move around and handle in my hands.

Here are easy ways to Go Eco-Friendly And Organize Your Makeup Tools!

Makeup Tools

I like to try different brushes because they are not all the same shapes or sizes. I am always looking for different types of brushes to try because some work for my face and some don’t.

EcoTools brush kits

EcoTools newest brush kits include:

Daily Defined Eye and Start the Day Beautifully Kits

Daily Defined Eye Kit – this set allows you to create any look you want. Includes Angled Crease, Large Shadow, Accent Shadow, Detailed Liner and Liner Smudge.

Start the Day Beautifully Kit – your must-have makeup brushes. Includes Angled Foundation for base Angled Liner, Defined Crease and Blurring Brush for eyes, and Full Blush for finish.

Airbrush Complexion Kit

Airbrush Complexion Kit – help you achieve a flawless look. Includes Tri-Fecting Wedge sponge and Precision Concealer, Precision Foundation, Multitasking Powder, Controlled Setting and Accent Shadow brushes.

Confidence in Bloom Beauty Kit

Confidence in Bloom Beauty Kit – exclusive brushes to create your favorite looks. Includes Classic Concealer, Airbrush Complexion, Precision Powder and Full Setting for your base, and Flat Liner, Blurring Shadow, Precision Shadow and Micro Smudge for eyes.

Each kit makes a great gift for yourself or even friends! I love that you get a variety of different brushes in one kit!

Benefits of EcoTools:

  • Cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan
  • Made with recycled materials – recycled aluminum and plastic
  • Packaging is made of 100% tree-free paper! Instead, they are made of 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers
  • The brush handles are made of renewable bamboo


When it comes to organizing your tools, I like to use Real Techniques Pocket Expert Organizers! They feature Miracle Cling Technology, so they stick to most hard surfaces! This helps me save space in my small bathroom!

Real Techniques Pocket Expert Organizers

I love pink, so I have the Single Pocket Expert Organizer and the 3 Pocket Expert Organizer. Both are perfect to hold the brushes I need!

Real Techniques Pocket Expert Organizers on mirror

As you can see, I was able to stick them directly onto my mirror! It literally took a few seconds! However, you need to wait 24 hours before adding your brushes to the pockets!

With my brushes hanging on the mirror, I have more counter space! Every little bit helps when you have a small bathroom that you share with your son!

Real Techniques Pocket Expert Organizers with brushes

Using the pockets allows me to organize the brushes in each pocket. The pocket organizers really do help you keep your brushes separated so you can easily find which brush you need!

Aside from storing my makeup in my Caboodles, I can now have them on my vanity mirror!

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Are you ready to go eco-friendly and organize your makeup tools? It is so easy and fun to get creative!

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  1. I should do something like this…my makeup tools are very disorganized right now.

  2. Kelly Kimmell says

    I love the organizers. I could sure use some great new brushes.

  3. My makeup brushes keep breaking on me. I hope that these brushes last longer!

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    I only use two brushes so I don’t really need to organize them but I like that ecotools packaging.

  5. I like the idea that they are eco-friendly.

  6. I love Eco Tools brushes and I have that organizer. Isn’t it great??? I don’t know how I got along without it!

  7. Melissa Storms says

    I really do need to replace my brushes and these look like a great option.

  8. I really need some new brushes and I am going to give these a try.

  9. love to organize the brushes I use daily; eco tools makes soft brushes, I have many of them

  10. Lindsay A. says

    I need more brushes, & the ones from EcoTools look really nice! I’m especially in love with the Real Techniques Pocket Expert Organizers though – totally ingenious!! WANT. NEED.

  11. Dameshia Leonard says

    I really dont use makeup unless I’m going out with my husband or friends so these are really good tips on organizing the little makeup items I do have lol

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