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Recently, I have been trying to teach my daughter how to grow food and flowers as she is learning so much while in her preschool class. They have been going over how flowers grow, why leaves change, and where food comes from. However, I will be the first to admit that I have NO gardening experience whatsoever. I was raised by my Southern grandmother and while she grew up on a farm and had a garden of her own, the green thumb did not pass down.

Urban Leaf has a Culinary Classics Gardening Kit that Anyone can Use!

I was informed of Urban Leaf and their promise that anyone can grow greens with their kits. These kits offer delicious garden fresh greens that can be added to any dish. The Culinary Classics Kit has seeds for Dill, Sweet Basil, and Lemon Basil. Basil reminds me of Thanksgiving recipes so I was quick to plant those seeds in the garden inserts.

Unfortunately, I found the directions insert to be a little unclear about planting the seeds within the insert as I was hoping for point blank and clear cut. For a Gardening rookie like myself, it seems to take a little more research than I initially thought. After I did some research and double checked with the Urban Leaf site, I was able to plant my seeds in the cutest little mason jars and put them in my kitchen window.

Growing Urban Leaf Gardening Kits Requires Very Little Effort

Each gift-able box comes with three seedling packets, three garden inserts, labels, germination stickers, and a how to guide. All that is required from you is three empty bottles and a sunny windowsill!

  1. Open the Packaging and add water to your empty bottle, careful not to overfill
  2. Insert one of your Garden Inserts into the water (best to do this over the sink in case of water spills)
  3. Plant your seeds and cover with the Germination Sticker
  4. Let set in a sunny place until seedlings start to sprout
  5. Once sprouts show, remove the sticker and watch your herbs grow

The Garden Inserts will water themselves for approximately one month and each seedling packet will provide fresh herbs for about 5-6 months. The issue I found was adding seeds after the Garden Inserts were already in the water – after reading further instruction I found these Gardening Kits to be simple and effective!

kit how it works

After about 7 days, we started to see sprouts and after about 15 days we had full blown herbs growing. I am still patiently waiting for harvest time but I cannot wait to add fresh dill to my favorite Dill Dip Recipe! My daughter is head over heels with the entire gardening process. Each kit is kid friendly and she has been able to watch the roots take hold and the seeds grow through our glass bottles!

urban leaf

Want to learn about other ways I have incorporated Gardening into our home? Check out HAMAMA microgreens, they’re a household favorite!

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  1. Ondria Witt says

    Oh, those are so cool! I love gardening and am currently harvesting my basil, rosemary, parsley, and oregano before we get a hard frost. I’m also in NC. I would love to try these indoors during the winter so we can still enjoy growing fresh herbs!

  2. This is such a fab idea, I’m going to see if they do similar in the UK

  3. Oh, this is great! I love that you can just start the herbs this way and then not have to have a ton of knowledge about gardening in general to grow these on your own! Perfect gift idea, too!

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