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Beauty Brite Disclosure

I hardly ever wear jewelry nor do I have many everyday accessories. I have a terrible time with earrings as my ears are sensitive to most metals. Necklaces are fine but I find myself fidgeting with them.

My daughter, on the other hand, is the Accessory queen. She has an entire jewelry box with everything you could imagine. She’s constantly playing dress up and bringing me items to try on.

What she and I can both agree on are that there are a few staple, Everyday Accessories you must have. Her’s would be a bow or statement headband. My must haves are a good, statement bracelet and a Bluetooth earpiece.

LucandBell Bracelets Provide Fashion and Strength

animal braclets

These came in the mail and my daughter audibly squealed. She immediately put the bracelet on and insisted on wearing it to preschool to show her friends. Her bracelet has a unicorn and a red bead.

The red bead serves as strength and protection. The unicorn serves as a reminder that children have a ‘pack’ behind them.

My bracelet also has a red bead. I opted for the silver elephant as it reminded me of the love of a mother. The double wrap bracelet has a silver heart, reminding me that I am loved and that I share my love.

We both wear our bracelets everyday to remind us of the love between mother and daughter.

Stylaga Earbuds Offer Convenience and Fashion

wireless earbuds

I usually listen to Podcasts at work all day, every day. The other women in my office, do not. I have a Bluetooth headset but I find that it’s bulky and I have a hard time with being connected to wires.

The headset is also difficult to use during walks and gym sessions. Stylaga Raven Earbuds are studded with Swarovski Crystals and are a gorgeous way to listen to your Podcasts or tunes.

stylaga earbuds

The battery lasts me throughout the day and charges quickly when I need to reboot. It offers hands free calling and comes in a super cute and sleek charging/carrying case. The sound is clear and is loud enough to hear over the everyday sounds without having to use max volume.

Any of Stylaga’s Earbud and Headsets are a perfect, cord free option.

Gear up for Spring and Summer with our other must-have Summer accessories.

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