Easy Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

Easy Professional Teeth Whitening At Home - IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System

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Nice white teeth are essential for a beautiful smile. There are a lot of things that can make maintaining our pearly whites difficult — stains from food and drinks, poor oral hygiene, smoking, etc. I’ve tried quite a few different types of teeth whitening products over the years, so I thought I’d share my experiences with a couple of those with you and show you the newest product in my personal care arsenal, the IGNITE® by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System.

IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System

Image Credit: IGNITE® by Britewhite

IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System

Image Credit: IGNITE® by Britewhite


My mom paid a pretty penny for me to have braces when I was a teen. She even paid extra to get me the white porcelain braces so that I wouldn’t have to have a mouth full of metal. Believe me, I have never forgotten that and am eternally grateful to her for spending our family’s money on something non-essential. So, it’s important to me to try to keep my smile looking good.

That’s easier said than done as one starts aging. Of course, I go to my twice yearly dental cleaning appointments. But, I’m pretty hit-and-miss about flossing. I just don’t think about it when I’m trying to get ready quickly in the morning or when I’m ready to fall into bed from exhaustion at night.

I did get an electric toothbrush several months ago, but the battery died and I keep forgetting to replace it. The dental hygienist tells me every time I go to their office about the benefits of a water pic to blast away plaque, but I have yet to try one (mostly due to the cost of such systems).

Even though I’m in my 40s now, I’ve even always (still) worn my upper retainer overnight one or two nights a month — just to keep everything where it should be. However, that retainer somehow got left behind on vacation a couple of years ago and I guess you see the pattern now (I keep forgetting to get around to having a new one made).


SO… it is important to me to have nice teeth, and it’s abundantly clear that I need to get on my toes and get a new retainer and put a post-it note on my bathroom mirror to remind me to floss more. But, I do remember to whiten my teeth every so often and that helps a lot.


Early Teeth Whitening Attempts


When teeth whitening strips came out on the market many years ago I tried them right away. But, I never could get the knack of keeping them in place in my mouth. They always wanted to slide around and I was never convinced I was getting the full benefit of the product.

Then, there were the tray systems with whitening gel that you squeezed into them. They worked better, but were still a pain in the butt for me. While they were hands-free, the gel made my mouth salivate and it became hard to keep the tray in place and not swallow the saliva.

Last year I tried another system that consisted of a pre-rinse and then a tube with bristles at the end that you use to brush the whitening gel onto teeth. Then you just keep your lips off the teeth for a minute or two (think big ridiculous smile, like a serial-killer leer, LOL). I really like that system and have continued using it because it’s only two steps, it’s fast, and I can do it and have it be done in the time it takes me to throw on my jeans and t-shirt and run a comb through my hair. Plus, there’s no rinsing. Once time’s up I can just relax my lips and move on with my day. And, in my opinion, I can see the difference right away!


Current Teeth Whitening System


Now, for the new system I’m trying at home.

This new system I’ve recently begun using, the IGNITE® by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System, is definitely more involved. There are more steps in the process, more products in the kit, and it uses a battery. (A 9-volt battery at that, oh lord, I can already see myself forgetting to buy a new one, lol)

IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System

But, in all seriousness, though it’s more time-consuming to use than some other teeth whitening systems, I think it’s a keeper. Here’s why. The system is completely contained within a handy carrying case and comes with all this other neat stuff:

  • -Brush-up pads for your fingers (to cleanse and dry teeth before applying whitening gel)
  • -Swabs containing Vitamin E (to protect lips during the whitening process)
  • -Disposable mouthpiece covers (no cleaning the mouthpiece after every use, AND it makes it easy for multiple family members to use the system)
  • -2 9V batteries (it only uses one at a time, so no need to buy new batteries for a while)
  • -35% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel
  • -The Ignite System with LED Lighted Mouthpiece
  • BONUS ITEM: Lip Plumper
  • BONUS ITEM: Tooth Gloss

IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System


To be honest, the only thing about this system that confused me was the band attached to the lighted mouthpiece. It doesn’t say in the accompanying directions how exactly to use it to make the mouthpiece hands-free (which is the purpose of it). I put it around my neck but it didn’t lay very securely because it’s not adjustable. It kind of looks like a headband to me, so I’ve used it like that with more success (although I’m sure I look really silly using it that way, ha ha).

I really like that (like the other teeth whitening system I have tried before) once you’re done with the cycle you don’t have to rinse your mouth out or have to feel any leftover gel residue and the gel doesn’t cause any gum sensitivity like some other professional treatments can do. Also the gel doesn’t make my mouth salivate which can be annoying. When you’re done your mouth just feels clean and fresh!

Like I mentioned, this system is more time-consuming than the others I have tried. Once you have the prep steps for your lips and teeth done and have inserted the mouthpiece, you just push a button to turn the LED light on. It beeps and turns off automatically after 20 minutes. This is perfect if you have the time to do it. I read in bed most nights before going to sleep so this works well for me to do during my bedtime routine and I’m pleased with the results I’m getting.

The kit comes well-stocked with plenty of whitening gel, mouthpiece covers, vitamin E swabs and brush-up pads to last a good long time. When you find yourself running low on any item in the kit, you can order more supplies online very easily.


IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System




IGNITE by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System



This is a salon-quality system. As a matter of fact the IGNITE® by Britewhite LED Teeth Whitening System was previously only sold to salons and spas. I think it’s pretty awesome that it’s available now to the public at an affordable price. My teeth are fairly white already because of the other whitening products I’ve tried and occasionally use, but even so, I think this LED system did manage to brighten them even a few shades lighter. I’ve read many reviews online where people say they saw dramatic whitening results with this system and no tooth or gum sensitivity.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my opinion this system works well even with my busy lifestyle because I can do it while reading a book in bed at night when I’m not too busy. Anyone can fit this into their life — it can be used while walking on your treadmill, watching TV, doing laundry, vacuuming the house or during many other everyday activities as it doesn’t require holding it in place with your hands or sitting still twiddling your thumbs.


What teeth whitening products have you tried and which work best for you?


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  1. I have tried Crest White Strips.

  2. Kelly Kimmell says

    It is truly amazing what we can do at home these days.

  3. I would love to try this because the Crest White strips hurt my gums.

  4. Have never whitened my teeth before, I have yellow teeth could use this.

  5. kristamiller5425 says

    I’ve used strips and a bleach pen and gel trays, but I can’t get into a regular routine.

  6. I tried the Crest white strips once.

  7. Melissa Storms says

    This looks like a great kit. You can see a difference in the before and after photos clearly.

  8. My son has one of these and he loves it.

  9. i need to try that system, teeth need whitening badly

  10. Lindsay A. says

    I like the look of this product! I’ve been thinking about getting a home teeth-whitening product or system of some sort. I had my teeth whitened at the dentist’s in spring 2016 & they could use a refresher now. I’ve used Crest whitestrips in the past & had trouble with them causing sensitivity. :-/ Thanks for the info, very useful!

  11. Dameshia Leonard says

    I have been using the Crest white stripes but this seem more effective I have to try this!

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