Dino Fun for Your Little One

Dino Fun for Your Little One

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What little one doesn’t love a dinosaur? I know my kids are crazy about any type of dino! From a young age imaging what life was like when dinos roamed the world, it is so much fun to use your imagination.

Little dino delights! Hitting Shelves May 18th, 2018.


WowWee is an innovative consumer that specializes in robots and is releasing its UNTAMED aka Ferocious Friday with the awesome line of dino raptor Fingerlings! These spunky little guys cling to your fingers with their claws and make over 40 sounds. You can choose from four of the UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings friends, Stealth, Blaze, Razor, or Fury. Who will be your new dino friend? The fun is in your hands! Friend or foe the choice is all yours with the little raptor friends. These little guys respond to your touch and motion, flip them upside down and see them ROAR. Pet them down their back or patting them on the head, and see them react to your touch. They even have a little dino toot from their rear! ( Which my kids thought was absolutely just the funniest thing ever )

” We’ve Packed interactive and animatronic technology into these amazing creatures at an affordable price to place kids in control of their ferocious experience.”, says Andrew Yanofsky, Brand Manager at WowWee. 

Fury Fingerling

My kids were so excited to see dino friends when I opened the box, their faces were filled with delight. Since I have four kids we are always looking for the next big thing to bring on the fun. My little ones are ages six, four, two, and six months, so we have a love for dino anything here. They instantly couldn’t wait for me to open these tiny raptors. After they decided who got which UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings they demanded we go outside so their dinos could “roam” in the wild. I really love seeing them using their imaginations and with these little guys they can have so much fun and have endless games.

Raptor Fingerling


We have had so much fun with these little dino guys since we got them. I’d bet that your kids would love them too! Big or small these UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings are great for kids of all ages. They are great for imaginary play and will fill your home with giggles and lots of fun.

Are you interested in getting your own UNTAMED dino friends? You find them on Amazon.

Who will be your new UNTAMED dino friend? 



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