Achieve Static Free Hair in Minutes

Achieve Static Free Hair in Minutes

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I will be the first to admit that I neglect hair care. I spend all my time focused on my skin, that my hair gets forgotten. I am the worst about a quick blow dry, brush, and out the door without any kind of heat protection. Most days, I am rushing out the door after I gave myself a brisk 30 minutes to get ready due to hitting that snooze button about 10 times. My hair is full of static and honestly, just flat.

Eliminate Static and Fly-Away Hair

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Cricket Static Free has a full line of hairbrushes that have been a life saver during my busy mornings. These brushes are easy to use and come with multiple features.

  • Cricket Static Free Ponytail Pro: Static free, boar and nylon bristles help create a bump-free and smooth ponytail. Added comb to create detailed definition and to use for teasing and adding volume. The only brush with a custom handle to feature a spot to hold hair ties.
  • Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Flex: Most flexible brush – can be used to de-tangle with ease, dry, and style. The movable and flexible brush head allows for quick drying and styling. Non snag bristles won’t get stuck in thick hair when removing knots. Eliminates fly-aways and leaves you static free.
  • Cricket Static Free Fast Flo XL: Quick drying, extra large vent pattern. Maximum coverage to accelerate drying time.

Cricket Static Free is a Time Saver for Mom’s and Teens


These brushes have saved me so much time in the mornings! As a mom, I have to be up at 5:30 am to start my day. I have to get myself completely ready by 6:45 am and my daughter ready by 7:00 am so that I can get her dropped off and to work by 7:30 am. To say I don’t have enough hours in the day is an understatement. Cricket Static Free Fast Flo XL has been a game changer for my thick, hard to manage hair. Not only am I able to get out the door on time, but I also have little to no fly-aways and static resulting from my harsh heat tools.

As someone with thick hair, I relied heavily on my Wet Brush as it was ideal for de-tangling knotted hair. After using the Fast Flo Flex, my Wet Brush has been tossed in favor of the Cricket brand. The Fast Flo Flex gets the knots out without pulling and removing huge clumps of hair.

Cricket Static Free has other Styling Options Perfect for the Whole Family

Even though my hair has natural wave and curl, I mostly wear it straight. For those who have more time or if you are going out for a date night, try the Cricket Static Free Brush Tunnel for effortless waves and volume! My 13 year old cousin has a similar hair type and I recommended to her mom that she buy these brushes as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I have even purchased the Cricket Fast Flo XL for my mom and step mom.


Have you guys used Cricket Static Free brushes? Do you have a go-to brand? Let me know!


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