3 Ways To Balance Your Health

Our new normal of staying at home because of the Coronavirus stresses me out at times. I do my best to stay positive and not focus on everything going on. I stay away from the news and drama on social media. I try to focus on my own life and raising my son on my own. We share 3 ways to balance your health, especially during the quarantine life

3 Ways To Balance Your Health
Beauty Brite Disclosure

There are times when I go for a walk just to get fresh air and force myself to take a break! I also just bought an exercise bike! I am trying not to gain weight! Since we are stuck at home, I am eating more, but I am also trying to get my exercise in! 

Protein Shake 

Since I am walking, doing squats, and doing arm workouts, I wanted a protein drink to try! Luckily, I found the Cafe Latte Protein Powder! You can also find other flavors on Amazon.  I love coffee, so the Cafe Latte Protein Powder is fun to drink. Since I am sensitive to caffeine, I only use half a scoop each time I have my protein! But I end up having two protein shakes a day! 

Cafe Latte Protein Powder

The powder mixes super easy in a shaker cup! The protein shake tastes creamy without feeling heavy! If I really focus and not let myself eat mindlessly, the protein shake does help me feel full. I like enjoying one after a workout or walk or any time of day! 

Face Masks

I haven’t made the effort to find or buy face masks for my son and myself. However, in case wearing a mask becomes mandatory at the grocery store we go to, I wanted to have some on hand. 

washable reusable 3-layer protective face masks

We received face masks from Denali! They make washable & reusable 3-layer protective face masks! I wanted at least one mask for my son and myself. I love that they are washable and reusable! We only really go to the store, so these are perfect for our little trips!

Natural Mood Boost

I am a huge fan of essential oils and natural health. My son has Autism. I can tell when he’s about to have a meltdown. When that happens, I know it’s time to pull out the lavender oil and/or diffuser. I either turn on the oil diffuser or dab a few drops of lavender oil on his neck, chest, etc. 

Calm Mist and Focus Mist

Now I can use Calm Mist! It’s easier for me to use at home or when we are out and about. I love that I can spray it on his body! 

I even find myself using it when I am stressed out! I just have to stop and allow it to calm me down. 

I also wanted to try Focus Mist because I have a hard time concentrating when my son is home. I tend to do my writing when my son is at school, but with him home because schools are closed, I need help with focusing! 

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