While the world mourns Robin Williams


While the world mourns Robin Williams, I have been mourning the passing of my brother.

I only had one brother; he was two years younger than me. I admit, we were not close as adults but as children, we were very close. We buried my brother on Thursday, August 7th. We were born and raised in California. Since I reside on the East Coast, my son and I went to California for his funeral. My extended family also got to meet my son for the first time.


We were on our way home on Monday, August 11th when I heard the news of Robin Williams’ passing. As time went on, the world found out that Robin Williams died by asphyxia. Robin Williams died in a very similar manner as my brother. They both committed suicide.


My grandfather passed away in 2010 and I attended his funeral. His death affected me but not as much as my brothers. His death really was not real to me until I got back home and saw his body. Still, it wasn’t truly real to me. As time goes on, I am realizing that he is no longer here. I am open to any signs to let me know that he is watching over us. I wrote him a letter asking him to watch over his only nephew and to send me signs. I asked him to send me butterflies, rainbows and coins with his birth year on them for me to find. Since his passing, I have noticed a few signs already. On the way home from California, I saw a rainbow! I have also had a few reminders that he is around. It is pretty amazing that I am noticing everything I can. My brother is being pretty clear about his presence in our lives.

My mom also had a dream about my brother. I reminded her that it is him and that he’s letting you know that he is okay.


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  1. Nothing I can say will ease the pain but I am thinking of you all xx

  2. Tamra Phelps says:

    So very sorry you lost your brother. So often, suicide leaves the family & friends feeling anger toward the loved one. Don’t let that happen to you. As someone who spent a few years dealing with the kind of clinical depression that makes you consider suicide, I can tell you a depressed person is just not thinking clearly. I’m glad you are seeing signs from your brother. I absolutely believe those on the other side can send signals that they are still with us!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I wish you lots of warmth and love during this time.


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