When did you know you found your soulmate?


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I knew right away when I found my soulmate.

What about you?

What is your relationship status? Are you married? Are you in a committed relationship?

I recently read an article titled Paris Hilton Gushes Over Boyfriend Thomas Gross, Says They’re “Soulmates.” Yes, I love reading celebrity news and gossip websites!

I wonder if Paris Hilton feels pressured to find love because her sister, Nicky Hilton just got married.

We are about the same age and I wonder she felt lonely not having a long term boyfriend. It must be great being rich but I can only imagine it can be lonely too. I would rather have what I already have. I have marriage and a family. Yes, she has more money than I will ever see in my lifetime, but I have something that is priceless.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for Paris Hilton. She has found love, her soulmate. I truly hope she is happy and he treats her great.

I do admit, it is hard to find love when you are looking for it.

I have found that when I was not looking, it sort of just happens.

When I met my husband, I really wasn’t looking for a boyfriend or love. I was content on being single and getting used to being independent. I had a nice little studio apartment that was very tiny! I lived four blocks from a grocery store that I walked to. I also lived about ten blocks from work, so I walked to work too. I lived downtown and everything was within walking distance.

When did you know you found your soulmate?

My husband and I met at work. We had been co-workers for several months. When he first started working there, he was working swing shift and I was working day shift. In other words, when I got off off work, he was just starting his shift. So we didn’t really get to know each other at first. We only saw each other in passing. Eventually, he transferred to another department and started working day shift like me.

The timing was just right when we started dating. We were both single. Very shortly after we started dating, I knew we were going to be in a long term relationship. We just got along so well. We both were homebodies. We enjoyed being together. We really don’t like crowds or parties. Going out to the clubs were very popular in the city that we were living in. We both did not like that crowd, so I was thankful for that.

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I knew right away that I could marry him. We have known each other since July 2001 and started dating that November. We have been married for over 12 years. We really don’t fight, but we do have disagreements. We are both mellow people in that we don’t like drama.

When did you know you found your soulmate? What is the best dating advice you have ever given or received?


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