To be a Bella or have an islands life

To be a Bella or have an islands life
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To be a Bella or have an islands life?

That is the question a girl has when they have many options in life. You can now choose if you want to be a Bella or have an islands life for yourself.

Tommy Bahama Island Life For Her is a fragrance that takes me to the beach.  It reminds me of being outside on the beach on the sand, sticking my toes in the sand and the feeling of salty crisp sea air around me.

I love the beach and enjoy a dip in the water when I head down to Florida to visit my family. With this fragrance being infused with star anise, peach blossoms, and vanilla bean, this scent should inspire the relaxation and confidence in your soul as you wear it any time of the year. The Tommy Bahama fragrance bottle is simple in design in that it does not need to be fancy bottle to be amazing and wonderful.

When I have a cool day here in Arizona, it is nice to put on one of my light skirts, a tank top, grab my favorite flip flops and my hat that has a wide brim. It is light enough that it does not feel light I am wearing a heavy fragrance and it is great for the warm day.

As little girls, we always want to be a princess or in the south, we want to be a bell. Being Bella is all the rage for a southern gal.

The Vince Camuto Bella smells like heaven. The intoxicating tops smell of Italian Bergamot, peach nectar, and lemon ice; gives you a fragrance that makes you feel special. Wherever you go, you’re going to be the light of the ball. The best way to keep your scent throughout the day is to layer the Vince Camuto Bella from undergarments to pants and tops.

I find this fragrance to last all night long. I am able to smell great while caring for my patients at work. I find it to be a delightful scent.  My patients always ask me what fragrance I am wearing or compliment me on my choice of scent.  Wearing Vince Camuto Bella makes me feel beautiful because of all the compliments and lifts my mood!

Do you enjoy wearing fragrances?  Do you have any favorite scents?  I am open to trying any that I can find.

Do you have a favorite brand?


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