The Secret to Gorgeous, Voluminous Hair

The Secret to Gorgeous, Voluminous Hair

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I wish I could say that I was blessed with a full head of gorgeous, thick hair. Unfortunately, I’m not. Since becoming a mother, my hair has thinned out greatly over the years. I’ve used countless volumizing and thickening products, but many of them leave my hair with a sticky, unnatural residue.

ReGenesis is a brand new hair care line that is quickly growing in popularity. Developed by the makers of Revitalash, this line of specialized products is made to address concerns of thinning and fine hair. ReGenesis supports scalp health while combining plant extracts with antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, and lipids to boost hair’s natural volume. All of the products work collectively to achieve optimum results.

The Secret to Gorgeous, Voluminous Hair

The first products I tried where the ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. I love that these are both sulfate-free and completely safe for color treated hair. I followed the directions; massaging them into my hair, leaving on my hair for a minute, and then rinsing. Both products gently cleansed my hair; leaving my hair smelling nice and feeling clean.

The ReGenesis Detox Hair and Scalp Masque is a weekly treatment that removes impurities from hair and helps bring balance to the scalp. This masque is also sulfate-free and safe for color treated hair. Weekly, apply to wet hair and massage masque from roots to ends. Leave on hair for about 4 minutes and rinse. My hair felt very nice after using this treatment! It weightlessly conditioned my hair and left it feeling very soft.

The Secret to Gorgeous, Voluminous Hair

ReGenesis Micro-Targeting Spray is one of my favorite products in the system. This spray is formulated with BioPeptin Complex and RevitaSomes that work together as a time released formula to increase volume, texture, and shine in hair. This treatment works over time to target areas of thinning hair and also helps prevent breakage. Spray 1-2 pumps and massage the product throughout hair, dry, and style as usual. The Micro-Targeting Spray left my hair with no residue; just very voluminous hair!

My second favorite is the ReGenesis Fast-Absorbing Foam! This stuff will give your hair some serious volume! This foam was carefully crafted with BioPeptin Complex, plant extracts, peptides, and nutrients to promote incredible density. Apply product to damp hair, massage throughout, dry and style as usual.

If you’re experiencing patches of thinning hair, ReGenesis Spot Serum is a product you’ll want to try. This vitamin-enriched formula guards against hair breakage and thinning trouble zones. Gently massage product into scalp using circular motions on areas of concern. You will feel a momentary warm, tingling sensation as the product goes to work. I liked that I could actually feel it working!

If you’re looking for an effective solution for thinning hair or need a volume boost for your tresses, I highly recommend ReGenesis hair care products. While reviewing these products, my results left me feeling incredibly confident with a full, thick head of hair!

ReGenesis products can be purchased at Amazon. 

For more information on ReGenesis, please visit the company’s Website.


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