The hair tool that will add volume in minutes

The hair tool that will add volume in minutes

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Having straight hair, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to add bounce and volume to my hair. There were days that I would curl my hair with a curling iron and then I learned I could do the same with a flat iron. When I add curls to the ends of my hair, my hair looks so bouncy! When I was asked to try VOLOOM, I quickly agreed!

About the product:

VOLOOM, the first hair volumizing iron that was designed specifically to add volume to your hair while saving you time. The secret to VOLOOM is in the patent-pending plates. Used in the hair nearest the scalp, VOLOOM creates hidden volumizing structure in the under-layers of the hair, lifting the top layers up and away from the scalp. With VOLOOM you can easily go extra days between washing your hair, saving you the time and hassle of daily shampoos and blow dries.

Honestly, I was skeptical of VOLOOM. Could one hair tool give me real volume? As someone with straight hair, I have tried getting a perm because I wanted the volume and the look of fuller hair. I have also used other tools to curl my hair but they can be time consuming. I am a busy mom. I get up early just so I have the time to put on my makeup.

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron and Accessories Kit contains: Hair volumizing iron, Sectioning brush and 3 hair clips. I found the kit to be very helpful when using the hair volumzing iron. The sectioning brush helps part my hair and the hair clips help my hair clipped away as I use the iron. I am the type to just brush my hair in the morning and get going. I rarely take the time to section my hair to actually style my hair, so the accessories are perfect for the novice like me.

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I found VOLOOM extremely easy to use. The iron heats up in about a minute or so. There is even a locking mechanism that keeps the iron closed so you can keep it in the pocket within the case. I love the carrying case. The iron and accessories fit and is perfect for travel if needed. The case keeps everything in one place.

Not only that, I found using the iron so much fun! I can customize how much volume I want in my hair. I only do two or three layers on each side. I am still learning and hope to add even more volume as I get used to using VOLOOM on my hair. Of course, I have only used the hair tool a few times, I am learning each time I use it. Since it only takes minutes to use, I can easily use it every day!

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