Repair and Shape your Hair

Repair and Shape your Hair
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During the summer months, the sun is out and not playing around in Arizona, with temperatures heating up and hitting record breaking highs. The only way to protect your hair in these harsh conditions is to do some deep hair treatments and condition it before you style. KMS California Repair and Shape products are amazing!

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The first step is deep therapy treatment with the KMS California Moist Repair.

It penetrates deeply to reconstruct, strengthen, and moisturize hair after just one use! The moment you start massaging in the KMS California moist repair you can feel that the hair strands start to become coated to get you the protection that you need. The natural aloe vanilla has a pleasant and mild scent that is not overpowering, though I did find that the product was pretty hard to squeeze out of the tube. It also took me a few minutes to realize that the cap was a screw on and not a pull-down top.

KMS California Free Shape Deep Conditioner

I enjoy the end result of the repair working on my hair and the way it feels when coming out of the shower. While some things like the force you have to use to squeeze the product out and opening it could have been better. I love the effect that they both have on my hair.

KMS California Moist Repair

Once you repair your damaged hair with the KMS California Moist Repair you really don’t want to undo all the work that you have done. This is where you are going to want to use the KMS California Free Shape deep conditioner. This rich conditioner tames, smoothes and increase pliability of coarse or unruly hair to make it more responsive to heat styling. Styling tools can create a style with heat and transform your hair to create something wonderful. The downside to using them, though, is that you can damage your hair if you do not take proper care to defend against the damage that it can create. With the heat that my hair has to go through to last a day outside the house, it has to have massive protection. I just enjoy using this product that lasts all day long so that when I get home I do not have dried, split ends. We have a keeper. I just love that my ends were not super dried out and splitting. The crazy thing is that this is just after three days of using the products. I started only using it on my ends backs they are always the first thing that is damaged and they are looking great. I have been also tried it without rinsing it out to give extra protection, massaging it into my very lightly damped hair and it is doing a great job.  The scent of the Rhodiola watermint is another reason that I don’t want to rinse it out, the floral scent smells so good! The KMS California Free Shape was very easy to get out of the tube and very easy to massage into my hair.

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