One Month Update With Intellibed

One Month Update With Intellibed

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It has been a little over a month since we’ve been sleeping on our California King mattress from Intellibed. Our last update was after our first week sleeping on the Intellibed mattress. Since it has been a full month, I wanted to post an update.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

I wanted to let you all know that Intellibed sells more than just mattresses. They also offer accessories you will need with your new bed. Since we were upgrading our mattress, I wanted to upgrade our sheets. We only had Queen size sheets, so I also ordered Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Mattress Protector for our mattress. I never thought we would need a mattress protector but it really does protect our mattress from moisture, dead skin and anything else! As a parent, you definitely want to consider a mattress protector.

WonderGel Extreme Seat

Do you work in an office all day? Perhaps you’re a college student? Or maybe you’re a work at home parent? Regardless, we spend a lot of time sitting down. Intellibed also offers the WonderGel Extreme Seat. I wish I had this when I worked full time in an office. I used to work in a call center and this seat cushion would have been amazing! A few months ago, my son and I had to travel by train. One way was two and a half days to our destination. The WonderGel Extreme Seat would have come in handy! While the train seats were comfortable, I could have used the seat cushion for added support and comfort. In other words, the WonderGel Extreme Seat is perfect for travel too.

With any new mattress, consider the accessories because they really do provide additional protection and help enhance your experience with your new investment. Have you considered how important your sleep and comfort really is? We all need a good night’s sleep. We have learned that it is not about quantity but quality.

Compared to our “memory foam mattress” we definitely had the comfort but we didn’t experience the quality of sleep as we have with our Intellibed mattress.

Since we’ve had our Intellibed mattress, we have noticed how deep of sleep we experience. We wake up refreshed regardless of what time or how many hours of sleep. I can recall that I rarely dreamed on our “memory foam mattress.” Since we’ve had our Intellibed, I’ve been dreaming several times a week! I missed dreaming! Some mornings I wake up remembering my dreams and others I cannot recall. I do know that I am waking up feeling refreshed!

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