Initial Necklace

Initial Necklace

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When I saw the opportunity to try name jewelry, I quickly applied. I am so thrilled and honored that the company chose me to receive their product. I received an initial necklace to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

I chose to receive the letter “S” for my name. I received the initial necklace in script font in sterling silver! I really dislike fake jewelry, which is why I was drawn to wanting to review the necklace. I love sterling silver.

I love my necklace. It arrived yesterday afternoon. Due to unexpected snow, our son was home too and of course he helped my husband answer the door and had to watch his Daddy sign for the package. As soon as I looked at the label, I knew what it was and got so excited as I was opening the package. The necklace got a little twisted and I had to delicately untangle the chain.

Wearing initial necklace

I love jewelry. I have never had personalized jewelry. I am so in love with my initial necklace from Namefully! The letter is so pretty and the script font looks so feminine and fancy. The necklace looks so perfect and stands out with any outfit I wear. I am looking forward to wearing my necklace every day! I love that it is so personal.

After I had our son, I wanted a “mom” necklace but never received one. I am very happy with my initial necklace. I would love to have another piece of jewelry to represent my son!

You can shop Namefully for your personalized jewelry! I know I will choose Namefully for future gifts for family and friends!


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