How to Avoid Impulse Buys

How to Avoid Impulse Buys

Whether you are headed to the grocery store, the mall, clothing store, shoe store or dollar store, be prepared! Are you on a budget? Looking to cut down on your spending?

My biggest issue is buying things in the heat of the moment. I always find myself buying on impulse! I even feel guilty when I get home.

I really believe it is all in the store display! It could be the colors they use, the signage, the lighting and the music playing in the store! I noticed that retailers use bright lights that make the display shelves and products look so shiny and new! The display looks so pretty and perfect!

Here are easy ways to avoid impulse buys at the store:

1. Eat before going grocery shopping!

If you are headed to the grocery store, eat before leaving. Although, if you are headed to the warehouse store, you can always take advantage of the free samples! My mother-in-law does that. I usually don’t eat a majority of the samples because I am a vegetarian; otherwise, I would! Or you can eat at the snack bar they have at the front of the store. My husband likes doing that while I start the shopping.

I have found that when I am full, I am less likely to buy extra goodies, snacks and junk food! We are usually too full to even think about food.

2. Bring only enough cash for your purchases.

Of course this depends on where you are going. If you’re headed to the electronics store, this may be a different story.

If headed for clothes or groceries, set a limit. Bring only what is necessary to purchase. Leave your credit cards at home.

3. Bring a list.

Bring your list of needs for the retailer you are headed to. Stick to it. If you are like me and see something shiny and pretty, walk right past it. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

4. If you can, shop alone.

When you go places with your family or friends, they can easily add extra things to buy.

This one is tough for us. We rarely go anywhere. So when we do go out, we all like to go. It’s a rarity for our family to have time together.

Are you an impulse buyer too? I leave my credit card at home and tell myself to stick with a certain amount. I also really have to remind myself to just walk past the cute clothes, shoes, purses, etc.


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