Hello Monday, I Wasn’t Ready

Hello Monday, I Wasn't Ready

Hello Monday, I wasn’t ready for you.

Today is the Monday after the holidays and I certainly wasn’t prepared.  I have not been getting the best sleep possible.  My son is off from school for two weeks and we are now in the second week of his vacation.  With him being home, I am going to bed a little later than usual and waking up either super early or sleeping in a little later than usual. Last week was a laid back week for blog work for Beauty Brite.

I woke up a little later than I normally do and I feel so behind. There were a few assignments that popped up, which I don’t mind.  I also have a few posts that need to be scheduled.  I just feel like I woke up to a ton of work.

Not only that, I had an amazing and fun dream last night.  I woke up wanting to go back to
sleep to see how it would all work out. I had a dream of another life and sometimes I wish I had an aggressive man.   Sometimes I wish I was married to a man that wanted to take care of his family instead of someone concerned with paying his own bills only. I am left trying to support our family and our needs with my varied paychecks.

It certainly was a nice dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my blogs and the work that I do.  I also try to appreciate my family but my husband could help out more around our home.  He doesn’t have any kind of urgency to get anything done.

Since last week was so slow with blog work, I found the time to finally start this blog!  I truly hope I have the energy to keep up with two blogs!


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