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When was asked to try GUESS Dare, I quickly agreed. I love perfume. I have a nice collection going. I love the shapes and sizes of the bottles because they are all unique. I hope to eventually have a nice vanity to display all of my perfumes.

GUESS Dare was inspired by sexy, daring 70s icons like Charlie’s Angels and Bond Girls. The unique blend of notes, including Pear Blossom and Lime flower, captures the young and bold spirit of the GUESS Girl.

The vibrant mix of green and fruity floral notes blends together to create a refresh, yet bold signature scent for the confident, seductive girl.

My admiration for perfume did not come into fruition until adulthood. When I was a young girl, my mom did not wear makeup nor did she have perfume, so I didn’t use it either. I remember when I first became interested in perfume. I received a sample of vanilla perfume from a store. They included the sample in my bag after I had made a purchase from them. After that, I knew I wanted to wear perfume more often.

When I received GUESS Dare, I immediately loved the box. The box is decorated with a distressed denim look with a mix of gold dazzle.

The bottle is so cute and unique. The bottle is all gold and has a gold chain around it. The overall look of the bottle resembles 70s jeans that includes a belt and the bottle is decorated with the gold dazzle.

I shared the perfume with a few of my co-workers and they all love wearing it. They all want me to keep it at work with me so they can all use it. The fragrance is light. It adds a nice scent without being overpowering. They all love it. The scent is perfect for everyday use or a special date night. Either way, the fragrance is versatile.

GUESS Dare is available for $62 at, Amazon and Macy’s.

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  1. I love the studs on the bottle.


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