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AQUIS® and Scünci have some really wonderful products that I’m enjoying lately. Wrapping my long hair in a regular bath towel is a chore and is so bulky. But, I have found the perfect solution to that problem with AQUIS® Lisse Luxe Hair Towels. They are slim and non-bulky, super soft and absorb moisture from my hair so much better than bath towels.

I love my long hair, but it often falls down around my face when I’m looking down or bending or crouching. It’s pretty irritating because it’s thick and blocks my view from what I’m trying to see or do. Scünci Rhinestone, Ribbon and Metal Flower Choker Headwraps are a fun way to keep those long locks from obstructing my view. Much better than my usual method, which is to stick a pair of sunglasses on my head rain or shine. And it’s a different look than gathering hair back in a barrette, too.

AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel

I am absolutely in love with AQUIS® Hair Towels. They are so much better, in my opinion, than using regular bath towels for my hair. Bath towels are bulky and don’t stay put very well. It’s a constant struggle to keep it up on my head and actually be able to move around and get dressed or do anything without it sliding or falling off.


AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel

This AQUIS® Hair Towel is a generously-sized rectangle shape and is made from new generation Aquitex that wicks away moisture to dry better and treats hair gently to prevent hair damage like breaks and frizzing. I like this towel because it works great and is easy to wrap and tuck in. But I love the AQUIS® Lisse Luxe Hair Turban even better. You can read my thoughts on the hair turban if you’re interested. The turban features a button and loop closure that stays in place no matter what you are doing and is just absolutely fantastic!



Scunci Rhinestone Ribbon Metal Flower Choker Headwrap

With my long hair, it’s a constant struggle to keep it out of my face. My go-to solution in recent years has been to stick a pair of sunglasses on top of my head. I used to use headwraps a lot, but I guess somewhere along the way they’d gotten lost, broke or wore out, or got stolen by my daughters and I’d not replaced them.

I really like the Scünci Rhinestone, Ribbon and Metal Flower Choker Headwraps because it’s like having two headwraps in one. It looks great worn casually with jeans and t-shirts but is also really beautiful when paired with a dressier outfit. Being able to wear it as a choker around your throat is another way to stretch the versatility of the product, too. I’ve even wrapped it around my wrist as a strappy bracelet!

Scunci Rhinestone Ribbon Metal Flower Choker Headwrap

Scünci has so many great accessories and is a company I trust for all of my hair needs from scrunchies, hair bands, to headbands and wraps. No matter what you need for your hair, Scünci has a product that will help you achieve whatever look you are going for.

I’d love to try weaving this head wrap up in a braided look. I think it will look fabulous!

What are your go-to hair products?


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