Flawless Skin by Fall

Flawless Skin by Fall

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I am lucky enough to not have bad acne, but this product came just in time to save me from my monthly hormonal breakouts!

I am the type of person that if i see the slightest thing on my face I try to pick at it, make it worse, really red and very noticeable! I can tell you that ClarityMD’s 2 step system will save me from that future embarrassment.

Inside ClarityMD kit

ClarityMD’s clear skin formula Deep Pore Cleanser is very concentrated! I noticed the first time I used it I actually squeezed too much out becuase it makes a nice rich lather. I massaged this onto my face with warm water, and after only about a minute I could tell that my face felt free from all dirt and grime.

ClarityMD Deep Pore Cleanser

I love that this product includes 1% salicylic acid, this ingredient is the only thing that has really ever helped my breakouts in the past.

The ClarityMD’s clear skin formula Clarifying Serum is a great product to use after getting your face clean and free from all the dirt and grease. This product goes on easy, and is very absorbent not leaving behind any greasy residue. I love how silky smooth my skin feels after applying this serum, although I still apply another moisturizer after this product.

The clarifying konjac sponge was something I had never seen before! I was kind of confused at first because it comes hard almost like a rock. No worries! The sponge softens up with warm water and works great with the cleanser to really get a deep down refreshing clean feeling!

The kit can be purchased from the company’s website and they even have a 60 day guarantee! You can also find the kit on Amazon.

If you love the product as much as I have, there is also a auto ship set up so you wont have to worry about re-ordering the product when you run out.


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