Dentist Clean Feel

Dentist Clean Feel

It was a big day for my husband and I. It was such a big day, that I requested the day off. Today was our first visit to the dentist in over a decade! The first time we went to the dentist together was the same year we were married.

It was 2003…
We had just relocated to Reno, Nevada and got married at one of the chapels. We knew we did not want a wedding ceremony. We just wanted to be married, that is all we cared about. We also both started jobs at a local hotel and casino. We had to wait 6 months to finally qualify for health insurance. As soon as we were able to sign up, I scheduled us appointments with a dentist.

That was our last visit until today!

When I started my full time job, I was able to sign up for health and dental insurance right away. We decided to only sign up for dental coverage because adding health insurance would have been way too expensive. I found our dentist on our provider list from my insurance company website. I was able to schedule both my husband and myself. Our appointments were right after each other, which worked best for us.

We definitely forgot what a dentist clean feeling feels like. We both have to go back for additional services, but I am so glad we now have a dentist.


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  1. I feel that this country puts so much emphasis on having health insurance, but dental insurance is JUST as important and should be affordable to everyone. How did your son do at the dentist?

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