Create Gorgeous Curls and Waves

Create Gorgeous Curls and Waves

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I prefer my hair short. However, I keep my hair long because it is usually too much trouble for me to find the time to get my hair cut. Since my hair is long, I have fun with it by using a flat iron add volume! I admit I am not the greatest when using styling tools on my hair. I have a few hair dryers and flat irons that I use here and there. I use the flat iron to add curls to the ends of my hair and it always looks great! When I do just a little to my hair, it makes a huge difference to my look!

I chose to try the Lustrum set to review.

The set includes five different interchangeable, 100% tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrels. Tourmaline technology means 600% more negative ions are disbursed into hair, sealing in natural moisture and providing the most superior shine to tight, medium-width, or loose, tumbling curls. Heat-resistant glove included.

Lustrum beautybrite

I love the versatility of the Lustrum! Since I already have a few flat irons, I wanted something that offered many different looks in one product! I wanted a tool that can create the curls and waves I desire!

The first barrel I tried was the Pearl wand which happened to give my hair a wavy look that I adore! I have straight hair, so I am in love with the waves! The waves gave my hair amazing volume that I have only seen on television. I never thought I could have wavy hair! The waves easily last hours, even though I do not use any hair product!

I am so impressed with the Pearl wand that I have not had a chance to try the other wands. I can only imagine the amazing curls I can create!

Lustrum beautybrite

Since my hair is long, I plan on trying different looks with Lustrum! I love that the set comes with a glove to wear when styling my hair. It only takes a few minutes for the wand to heat up. There really isn’t an indication light to let me know when the wand is fully heated, so I allow a few minutes before using! There is only one button to turn the wand off and on, so it is very easy to use!

If you are looking for an all-in-one hair styling tool, consider the Lustrum!


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