Check your other folder

Check your other folder

If you are a Facebook user like myself, did you know that you have two message folders? You have your main message folder that captures messages from current friends and connections. You also have a second message folder called “other.”

The “other” folder captures messages from people who are not your friends or connected to you in any way. The other folder usually captures spam messages. I highly recommend that you check your other folder regularly! You never know if you receive a message from someone who is trying to reach you!

A few weeks ago, my husband found someone’s driver’s license. I found her on Facebook and sent her a message. Since we are not friends and we have no friends in common, my message went to her other folder. I have tried to let her know that we found her license but she has not checked her other folder. I know she has been online since I sent the message because she has changed her profile picture a few times already.

So, my main advice on Facebook is to check your other folder! I try to check it at least once a week or whenever I log on to Facebook from my laptop. I am unable to check my other folder from the Facebook app.

Were you aware you had two message folders? How often you do check your other folder? Have you ever received a message from someone that you wanted to hear from?


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