Australian Jojoba Gives Your Skin A Natural Clean

Australian Jojoba Gives Your Skin A Natural Clean - The Australian Company Australia jojoba bead facial cleanser

Beauty Brite DisclosureI love trying out new skin care products, especially when they look good enough to eat! I know that sounds weird. But, there it is.

The Jojoba Company Austrailia offers this really great daily 2-in-1 cleanser infused with jojoba beads, a natural way to exfoliate your delicate facial skin without being too harsh. The Jojoba Company’s jojoba bead facial cleanser comes packaged in this very pretty hot pink tube. Colors are important to me because they can influence my mood, so I am loving this bright pink color. After the long, dreary, droopy-mood inducing winter we’ve had here in the Southeastern U.S. it makes me feel energized and happy just looking at it.

The facial cleanser product has a smooth, creamy texture to it and I really appreciate that I can feel the jojoba beads while working it into my skin. The beads dissolve as you work it into the skin, leaving a nice, smooth moisturized feeling. It also contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids like papaya and melon as well as essential oils ylang ylang, cedarwood and rose maroc oil for fragrance and is gentle enough to use twice a day for morning and evening cleansing. It is recommended to remove makeup to ensure that waterproof beauty products, particularly, are fully dissolved to assist the cleanser in giving your skin the most complete clean possible.

I have used exfoliating products before and some of them have felt like I was scraping sandpaper across my face and left it feeling very dry and sometimes a bit irritated afterword. This one, while I can feel the beads doing their work, is not overly-abrasive. I can feel my skin getting a great clean while also feeling fresh, moisturized and pampered at the same time.

The Jojoba Company Australia jojoba bead facial cleanser

The jojoba exfoliating beads are clearly visible as you can see here. They are a pretty orange-y color. For some reason I keep thinking it looks like someone grated some orange zest into the cream base.

The Jojoba Company Australia products are suitable for all skin types because the pure, sustainably sourced 100% natural jojoba is not only a natural hydrating antioxidant rich in vitamins A, D and E, it is also full of wax ester which is molecularly comparable to moisture naturally found in healthy young skin. That youthful moisture declines with age, but this line of products, with their high natural jojoba content, is “recognized” by the skin and allowed to penetrate deeply to defend against this loss of moisture as well as prevent the stripping away of skin’s natural oils. The ingredients used in this line of products are also biodegradable, posing no risk in terms of water pollution or negative environmental impact.

The Jojoba Company Australia’s jojoba bead facial cleanser is available in a 4.2 fl. oz tube. No matter what age or skin concern you have, this company has a product to address it. They have a large product line with serum, mask, cleanser, toner, makeup remover, hydrating mist, exfoliant, firming eye balm, hand and body items, redness-reducing, blemish control, even baby items.

I’d love to try the hydrating mist and firming eye balm next. What are your skin concerns? Do you think The Jojoba Company’s line of products might be for you?

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  1. Love Jojoba! I use the moisturizer all the time.


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